Spring Break Begins

The bell rang yesterday and the classes erupted into the halls like water bursting from a crumbling dam. It was hot outside and people stopped in crowds to hum and bubble about their vacation plans. We walked to Starbucks to get some sugary drinks and celebrate. We sat, sipped, and talked about world politics and… Continue reading Spring Break Begins

Waterslides and Ends

You’re standing at the top of a water slide looking into its dark open mouth. There is water rushing about your ankles, urging you to go on and sit, but you’re hesitating. You’re look at the rust coating the sides and bottom of the slide, and the wooden beams, which are supposed to support the… Continue reading Waterslides and Ends

DIY: Dye Toms

toms dye diy bleach

To start off, computers and the colors of their pixels aren't perfect. You see what was my dilemma. I just wanted some dark orange Toms for sophmore year. Saw some on the Web, and bought them. Yes, yes, hasty choices never hasten success. They came in the mail and alas, scorched my eyeballs with their… Continue reading DIY: Dye Toms

Night-Time Epiphanies

Hit the Regina Spektor Radio on Spotify, pop over to WordPress, "New Post". I got words today man! Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up The fire of words baby! I swear they're eating at my soul this day and unless I pour them out on… Continue reading Night-Time Epiphanies