Spring Break Begins

The bell rang yesterday and the classes erupted into the halls like water bursting from a crumbling dam. It was hot outside and people stopped in crowds to hum and bubble about their vacation plans. We walked to Starbucks to get some sugary drinks and celebrate. We sat, sipped, and talked about world politics and tanning.

Iced Passion Fruit Tea… decaf :) #tumblrstatusss

Waterslides and Ends

You’re standing at the top of a water slide looking into its dark open mouth. There is water rushing about your ankles, urging you to go on and sit, but you’re hesitating. You’re look at the rust coating the sides and bottom of the slide, and the wooden beams, which are supposed to support the slide, but are crooked and cracked in many places. There is no one behind you in line and the lifeguard is off duty. Do you go or do you not go? Your whim tells you to go, so you sit, letting the water carry you. You’re rushed into pitch-blackness, swerving left and right, sometimes so sharply it hurts. Then there are loops and drops that you scream through, wondering despairingly when it will all end. Something hits you in the head and you think you hear bats screeching. Something else makes the tunnel shudder and you are thrown from side-to-side with it. This goes on for what feels like hours and just when you think this is surely the tunnel to hell you see a light. It is far away and you start swatting at the water trying to move faster towards the end of this awful ride. Suddenly, the ebony air recedes and you are thrust headfirst into a churning mass of water and you sink to the bottom of a pool. You open your eyes, breath held, and you see that you are surrounded in light. You push up off the floor, break through the water, and gasp. You have landed yourself into a secret part of the water park, and it’s equivalent to paradise.


The big question. Do the Ends justify the Means?

via Statflickr



DIY: Dye Toms

toms dye diy bleach

toms dye diy bleach

To start off, computers and the colors of their pixels aren’t perfect. You see what was my dilemma. I just wanted some dark orange Toms for sophmore year. Saw some on the Web, and bought them. Yes, yes, hasty choices never hasten success. They came in the mail and alas, scorched my eyeballs with their neon luster.

Okay, I’ll deal. Highlighter is in right now… heh heh. As long as I can dig up a shirt that could work in this circus-like ensemble… it’s all good! Right?

Wrong. They weren’t just highlighter, they were glow-in-the-dark and solar-powered. Walking to class was weird cause people thought I was “walkin’ on sunshine” or had “stepped in fluorescent sharpie vomit”.

I wanted to dye. DYE with a Y. Red in particular.

So again, turning to the internet, I found useful tools such as these…

… and was able to end up with a surprisingly more than favorable outcome. Any crafter’s dream. So THANK YOU Clarie 1490 on the You of Tubes and Homemade Ginger the blogger, you guys freakin’ rock.

And those of you who’s Toms are in need of a facelift, here ya go and enjoy. :)

Scrub hard and make sure to skip over the Toms Tags, “If you care about legitimacy and not looking like knock-offs”. [Via Claire 1490]

Let Dry in the sun (oh the irony) & Walah!

(Imagine a bathtub with faucet and BOX of gloves in the frame)

Saving the Sole. Painter’s tape is for adhesion and clear Duct is for waterproofing.

It mostly worked. Like… 82.7% in keeping dye off the leather but it kept the glue and sewing job intact which was the important part.

DUNK’N TIME!!!… for 30 mins stirring a little more than occasionally.


(That would be bad)

Toms dye red how to diy

dye shirt red

… and while you’re at it throw a cutsie white eh-okay t-shirt! That’s ingenuity right there.

Hakunamatata, YOLO my artsy-fartsy friends!


P.S. My beliefs on the word “YOLO” soon to come as well as DIY for   “Jansport-Patching” .

Night-Time Epiphanies

Hit the Regina Spektor Radio on Spotify, pop over to WordPress, “New Post”. I got words today man!

Hey this fire
It’s burning
Burning us up
Hey this fire
It’s burning
Burning us up

The fire of words baby! I swear they’re eating at my soul this day and unless I pour them out on my keyboard I may be ashes in minutes!

Night-time epiphanies. Have ’em? Thought processes really do take place at night, when things are quiet and muscles are tired. Well, your brain isn’t a muscle. True story bro. Something about the dark and waiting for unconsciousness to come… thoughts run into genius strands that are so frustratingly forgotten the next morning. Solution:

Write it down! I had to turn on the light a few times but it was soooooo worth blazing my eyeballs out. Otherwise you’ll think you’ll be able to decipher your writing that was written in the pitch-black darkness, but really you won’t. (Testify: middle bottom picture, middle of pad.) Anyways, there was something my half-conscious self came up with last night that I liked.

More sleep.
More water.
More grains.
More Color.
More right.
More clear. 

Read it over again. Now you should know that I love self-improvement, and at night like think of ways to make SydneyJoTo a better SydneyJoTo. That’s pretty much all this list is. An eclectic gathering of goals for the soon-to-be sophomore.

(pssssst! Stop reading here if you gotta get to doing, or stick around if you’re seat’s comfy enough or if you’re a teenager.)

More sleep.

Most Teens stink at time management. So usually it’s the latest thing in the day that takes the hit. Bedtime. I think ending school at 3:30 is dumb. Why? The average American household has dinner from 6:30-7 o’clock. That’s leaves a succinct 3 hours for homework, sports games/practice, friends, and travel to and from all of these. However! Many families with teens have dinner later, like from 7-8, even 9 o’clock as to not disrupt the order of early evening activities. Why don’t we just try that?! The trick must be getting all of one’s homework done before the dinner bell rings, so one can have some restful family time after dinner and then hit the hay.

Ask your boss-people if a later din-din is right for you. Side effects may include an earlier, less desperate night’s sleep.

More water.

Utah. Geeze Louise. Water not only tastes fabulous there but an excessive amount is also vital to one’s happiness at that high and dry

Water. Go get a glass NOW.

altitude. I stayed with my Aunt K. who taught me the importance of the “H2O Diet”. She told me that before going anywhere, drink a glass of water. Then when you’re done with that, drink another one. This was a few days before volleyball camp and she knew this advice would later prove valuable during my sweaty court antics. Also, I’m pretty sure water has an effect on one’s happiness. After camp, I kept up on the water intake. It’s bad but, Water made things clearer. (El-Oh-El!) But seriously, there is something about more agua in the system and  I’M SURE THERE’S A SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE that ties water with happiness! If over 70% of the human body is made up of water, then why not be constantly trying to maintain that? Especially since water has ZERO cals and other junk. It’s the purest and best thing for you on the planet. Plus, dehydration is found frequently in TEENS! Read about it here. With all the other social/educational/hormonal crap we’re dealing with, I’m sure water intake is very low on the priority list for most teenyboppers-and-poppers. Not good.

So go drink some now! I’ll wait.

More grains. 

If Manna was bread, (which it probably was) it took this form.

 Again, Aunt K. But also my mom. You see, I’ve just begun to hate white bread. It’s this little flower of hate that was planted by these two lovely women and has been watered by my love  for health food ever since. Oatnut bread is too good to cheat on with that white fluffy stuff that has absolutely NO nutritional value. So dear reader, I invite you to hate white bread with me. And feast on Oatnut for your breakfast toast instead. And then for your sandwich at lunch. Take a break for dinner. Teenagers, there is no “w” in pb&j. However there is a “b” which stands for bread, which could easily mean “Oatnut bread”… if you wanted it to.

More color.

I can’t stress this enough. There is color in the world but when the world chooses to paint something beautiful whether it be on the ground, down an alley, or in the sky you’d better darn well appreciate it.


More right.

Not less left, but rather more doing the right thing. The Right Thing. We all subliminally know what that means, whether we want to or not. Some would argue that everyone has different priorities, and therefore different ideas of right and wrong. But I don’t think so. Balance. There’s a balance everywhere, and when you start looking for it, you’ll find it, especially in people. Somehow there are happy stories and there are sad stories and there’s the untold stories of people just making it through. But those are just stories. Whether the story happened to a loved one or a stranger you are still you. And you always have a choice. We all do. And so we control the balance of right and wrong. It just seems that the gusts of the world head in the wrong direction and so we have to lean against it. That’s when I come in with my belief of Heavenly Father and Satan. The Gusts are from Satan and the freedom to be blown away or lean against it comes from Heavenly Father. Then, Heavenly Father will go so far as to give you something or someone to hang on to, or will even lead you to a non-gusty area! That’s all called faith, take it or leave it.

More clear.

So I’m rested, hydrated, healthy, appreciative of the world around me, and I’m trying to do the right thing. That lifts a fog, and what I see now gives me something real to write about.


This concludes my 100th post and first year of blogging! I would like to thank my dear dear dear readers, hug my mostly supportive parents who thought this would be just another phase, and my poor computer that has put up with a year of frustrated writers-block-induced-head-banging. This kid loves you all!


Just heard this song on Spotify: thought it applied perfectly to my “theory of balance”. That’s it :)