Spike On Without Me

Disclaimer: I don't do poetry, but here's for kicks.  Dear Volleyball, I've known you since seventh grade, Silently crying because I sucked when we played for youth group. So I joined the school team, because I thought I could learn your ways. Little did I know that all middle school sports suck, Like a duck,… Continue reading Spike On Without Me

How to Be a Gluestick

It's been tender times here at my high school. Ever since the saddest week of my life, people have been a little more loving and mindful to each other. But it's also been a month and we are forgetful teenagers. Slowly, people are noticing that we're returning to our old social stacking and silently lambasting… Continue reading How to Be a Gluestick

Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

I've flown on a plane solo before.  The first time was out and back to Utah when I was twelve (unaccompanied minor), the second was home from Utah, and this time was out and back from Utah ONCE AGAIN. So many things rock out in Utah... including BYU's Volleyball Camp. I flew out a few… Continue reading Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

Scared to Pack and Some Pretty Sweet Stuff

Heard these guys in the car on the way to fireworks. I like 'em don't you? It's smooth, with a purpose. I'm no music critic but I think these guys have earned a pat on the back :) That was the sweet stuff. Still scared to pack for Volleyball camp. Firstly, I still have gaps… Continue reading Scared to Pack and Some Pretty Sweet Stuff

Popcorn and Lemonade

Summer days are supposed to be long and filled with antics. From pitching a half-empty bag of marshmallows  back-and-forth across the street to bringing up pillows to the roof to making an epic home video of cops and robbers utilizing all of your kid-neighbors. I'm exhausted. Also, Home Videos rock, so we made one. Two… Continue reading Popcorn and Lemonade

Give a girl a Volleyball, and she will be merry.

Well, it's chilly California December and school Volleyball is done, over, finished, and we can have beautiful self-manicures and regular shaving routines again! ...Or can we? It's time for Club Volleyball. Yes, I'm about to explain. Club Vball is the BIG mamma of all competitive sports teams outside of the sissy Public Education System sports.… Continue reading Give a girl a Volleyball, and she will be merry.