Bays, Biology, and Pygmy Bisons

Okay guys. This one is so important, I haven’t even taken a real shower yet… sitting here in my grimy travel clothes to get some important thoughts out. Let me tell you about a little camp, on a little bay, on a little side, of a medium-sized island, off of a big state called California. Lost yet? It’s the Catalina… Continue reading Bays, Biology, and Pygmy Bisons

Angels, Cellos, and Corsages

You'd think second semester Junior Year would be a little more arduous, and maybe it is and we're just numb to it. But the last few months have seemed the opposite and I know that's a blessing, or maybe just the pleasant calm before the storm that is finals. Whatever the last month or so… Continue reading Angels, Cellos, and Corsages

I think I like Oregon..

Yesterday Los Torrens arrived in Oregon in the Swag-mobile. Weird and a little strange because that's North, and our family doesn't really go north that often. South is Disneyland and East is everything else. Now, a family reunion brings us to Seattle for the first time... like ever.  It's exciting and so I guess that's… Continue reading I think I like Oregon..

Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

march madness pick ugh

My history teacher's a basketball buff. Today in class, he passed around a sheet along with a hat {the black silky kind, resembling that of Abe L} filled with slips of paper. On each was a college basketball team on the roster-thing for March Madness. The point of all this was to 1) have us… Continue reading Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

The Foul Ball

Blessed blessed weekends. Later, a more serious post, that will tell you why I so needed a break, why school was so especially backbreaking these last few days. But first, a story. It's Blessed Saturday. My brother T plays baseball. Little League Baseball. (No I don't live in Petaluma although we have several baseball-ecstatic relatives… Continue reading The Foul Ball

Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

I've flown on a plane solo before.  The first time was out and back to Utah when I was twelve (unaccompanied minor), the second was home from Utah, and this time was out and back from Utah ONCE AGAIN. So many things rock out in Utah... including BYU's Volleyball Camp. I flew out a few… Continue reading Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

Journal Entry #1

Courtesy of Webmd

What was the nicest dream you ever had? Ah, the 'ole, "soaring  over the city" dream. It was probably third grade (that was a good year) and I dreampt a glorious dream. I walked out to the kitchen and sitting on the counter, was a cup full of thick, purple liquid. I think that this… Continue reading Journal Entry #1

Camping @ Hendy Woods (Hillbillies & Hippies)

See the Mistake? Apperantly you're a hillbilly if you can't. This post is a week overdue lovelies, sorry about that. Well part two of the California trip was fun. Down and dirty fun not the classy kind of fun that happened during part 1. We camped down the road from weed-town (and not the dandelion… Continue reading Camping @ Hendy Woods (Hillbillies & Hippies)

Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers: Get ‘Em Famous!

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers action shot

Kick butt kazoo. It's the first warm day in years, (Or at least it feels like) and we're spending it in sweet-smelling Santa Cruz with sweet people bbq-ing a "crap-load" of good munchies. We the techno-kids are surfing Youtube and Nicki Bluhm videos are proposed to check out. Whaaa?Checking out we do and suddenly, we… Continue reading Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers: Get ‘Em Famous!