21 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

This morning, just a few seconds after waking up, immediately rolled over to my charging phone and proceeded to do what I do every morning; check for new snap chats, Instagram likes, Facebook messages, followers on vine, retweets on twitter, and maybe even a couple notes on tumblr. Then I got up, had some human contact with the fam bam and then went back to it, and the pattern will probably continue throughout the weekend and in between the wee hours in school and between homework assignments. Safe to say, I spend at least a quarter of my day interacting on social media, and I’m sure this isn’t far from other kids my age. So instead of using the virtual world as a cure for boredom, here are some alternative things to do instead you may never have thought of. 


1.  Visit your local library


2.   Open one of your mom’s cookbooks and attempt to cook. Remember that failure is always okay.


3.   Paint something (I’m giving up on you)


4.   Write a letter to a distant family member. Include stickers,  glitter, candy if wanted.


5.  Plan a “Super Date” around town. Set aside a couple of   hours to do some service, a scavenger hunt, and maybe even a picnic on a hill. Don’t forget the bikes.


6.   Research charities you can relate to or share a cause you have a passion for and donate your time/money/old toys.


7.   Blow the dust off an old board game.


8.   Go swimming if it’s hot, skating if it’s cold. (Or you know switch it up or combine if you like das cool)

9.   Call grandma and just check in.

10. Go window shopping downtown and don’t buy a thing.


11.   Give a sibling some special attention

12.   Study a globe or a map of the area you live 

13.  Read those books you got from the library

14.  Go to the gym

15.   Write in a Journal

16.  Give yourself a mini payday by gathering up loose change around the house and take it to the bank


17.   Map out your future according to long term goals you’ve had


18.  Go through your parents old CD’s and listen for sounds you might like


19.  Record daily life using the same awkward hand technique as this here fellow photographer


20. Go throwback thursday shopping (yes thats bebe joto)


21. Make Lemonade/Orange Juice and then sell it on the corner. Proceeds to a charity maybe? But hey if you need it to pay off iTunes debts we’re not judging)


Or then there’s this… you could definitely do this. Unless you’re bald or have lice. I’m sorry but that’s just not good.


Pictures are from tumblr or mine. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you all have an unusually wonderful monday. 


Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

march madness pick ugh

My history teacher’s a basketball buff. Today in class, he passed around a sheet along with a hat {the black silky kind, resembling that of Abe L} filled with slips of paper. On each was a college basketball team on the roster-thing for March Madness. The point of all this was to 1) have us research a college we would have never probably heard of, and 2) get extra credit points for each game won by our team during this season. I can’t say that I’m happy with leaving bonuses to chance especially because mine is ranked number #16… Southern U {now all you March Madmen groan.

march madness pick ugh
Can somebody explain the “(23-9)” por favor?!

So I got on my school’s college search website. It’s actually pretty cool how technology can help kids make educated decisions on a personal level, by comparing important factors like majors offered, tuition fees, and campus life according to how I’ve tested during

College Blog
decisions decisions…

personality evaluations.

You wanna know what my compilation came to?

    University of Oregon. Yeah… the Ducks.

I perused College options out of interest and boredom. A dangerous couple.

Then I got frustrated because, well, I don’t want to think about all that. Dorms and majors and fees  and the future…


I want to pig out in my parents kitchen with friends and enjoy my schoolwork while hating at the same time. I don’t want to take my final driving lesson because it means that I’m that much closer to taking my license test… with the little bald man in the passenger’s seat with his nose hairs brushing the clipboard. I want to pick the grass in P.E. class as kids try to draw out the workout by asking stupid questions to the teacher. I want to be there when the last of my brothers graduates 6th grade. I want to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes and think I can pull off a fabulous British Accent. I like my backpack and I think it’s funny when the person who has gum in class is suddenly the most popular. I love dem boys {or at least talking about them }. I love babysitting for really nice families. I love being sixteen.


Pop-culture, technology… it all changes and so do the Youth it raises. The teens I mean. We are taught to live in a world we have not yet experienced, a world no one ban predict. So we must be taught to adapt given basic skills and then not-so-basic, which would be developing our talents. And that will determine if our future consists of a cubby-hole career or other.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my life as it is. Light as a feather and fun. I’m going to take advantage of the benefits of living at home and develop those talents as well as find some new ones. Blogging, yes. You are most certainly here to stay. {As much as my parents dislike it ;) } And those pesky poopy brothers… I hope they know that the tackles and noogies are out of love. Three big buckets-full.

If there are any words of wisdom I have developed in these last few years of developing maturity they are, “Life is good, even when it sucks.”

And with that dear reader, I bid you adios. Because I have a spanish test tomorrow. Your lovely advice to teens everywhere would be much appreciated down below :)



“It’s about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone.. A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out.” ― Jodi Picoult

It came. IT CAME!!!!!

I am typing on a mac.

It came. It Came. IT CAME! Actually it came two days ago. The story?

You already know the torturous part, waiting waiting waiting for the dang UPS truck. Then suddenly, an engine, rumblier than all the rest, pulled up across the street. A plump-bellied man in a brown jump-suit hopped out and walked to the back, opened the doors, and pulled out a brown box. I had been frozen because my  heart had fainted, but then it sat up in my chest cavity and screamed, “RUN TO THE DOOR YOU FOOL!” I flew instead. Throwing open the door, plump-belly stood on the thresh with his knuckles in knocking-position. He retracted his fist to pull out a massive palm-pilot and hanging from it was a plastic pen.

Oh, gotta sign.”

I grabbed the pen, scribbled something curly and un-legible on the screen, took the box, smiled and “thank-you”d, and closed the door. I ran to my room, I flew like a flash (grabbing scissors along the way) and carefully destroyed the barrier between me and about a thousand hours of babysitting.

Apple Inc., Cupertino California

Oh happy day. Throwing aside manuals, screen wipes, and apple stickers, I reached the last of the packaging. A clear plastic bag held my beloved silver mass of tech adorned with the fruit that may have caused man mortality. The Apple, complete with Eve’s bite. I plugged it in and watched it, as its life blood of electricity flowed into it’s system.

Well, anyway, I’m not bragging. Please believe that I’m not. I’m simply telling you dear reader why I’ll be blogging a lot more. With this new tool I believe God helped me to earn, I can have my own space for sharing thoughts, testimonies and stories as well as pictures. It’s a tool, but with it I have also realized the importance of human interaction (strangely enough). In order to exercise this power correctly, I have to be a good person and get some righteous blogging material.

(First PhotoBooth pic)




Patience Young Bridesmaid…


Well would YOU open it?!

The contents of the brown paper? A handome foreign laptop case via Etsie. Sadly, his wife is late to the wedding but will draw up in a UPS truck and will be walked down the aisle (A brick-lined cement walkway) by a kind UPS man. The theme? White with silver apples someone took a perfect bite out of. I will sit by the door until she gets here!!! She’s the result of babysitting part-time for a year. (!!!!)

Patience… Patience… Patience……….

Oummm… (Closes eyes and inhales slowly, then clenches eyelids with excitement.) I love weddings.

The Buttons?

“Another blog housekeeping chore, explaining one’s modifications to her audience…” -SydneyJoTo

After questing minutes upon minutes on Google for a simple “How-To” on buttons… I found it. An adorable mommy-blog, with the theme of Chickens (of which I’ve lost the name) and pink polka-dots it seems. Well anyway, it was great find and obviously it worked. Shall I explain the product?

(Now pulling up my blog in another tab… a vain habit I know.)


Buttons are ways of self-expression, like posters and magazine clippings in a High School Locker expressing your sixteen-year-olds interests. Mine are still a work in progress but here’s a quick explanation of each so far. [Post WILL BE subject to change :]

1) Mine. Took about two hours you should know. My background is one of my favorite pictures in iPhoto and I would not deprive my button from it. Simple. Cute. -aw thanks! (Share on your bloggie if you agree!)

2) Mormon(dot)org, because it’s the religion that brings me closest to God.

3) A Beautiful Mess. Hey what can I say, I’m a fifteen-year-old romanticist! Cute+Messes= xD

4) Do Something. This poster hung in my Jr. High locker room last year, and had been for about four years prior. My two sweet P.E. teachers (who I worked for as an aid) encouraged this program to the extent of extra credit… in the form of um, NOT RUNNING. So there’s a little extra love I’ve got for this site.

5) Toms. Adorable shoes. I’m on my second pair, which means I’ve helped my second African child not get blisters and prevented the contraction of two cases of disease. I’ve probably babysat kids the same age.

6)+ …many Many MANY more to come.

They’re just pixels on a screen if you don’t click on one. Comment your favorite causes! I love a good cause.