Spike On Without Me

Disclaimer: I don't do poetry, but here's for kicks.  Dear Volleyball, I've known you since seventh grade, Silently crying because I sucked when we played for youth group. So I joined the school team, because I thought I could learn your ways. Little did I know that all middle school sports suck, Like a duck,… Continue reading Spike On Without Me

The Foul Ball

Blessed blessed weekends. Later, a more serious post, that will tell you why I so needed a break, why school was so especially backbreaking these last few days. But first, a story. It's Blessed Saturday. My brother T plays baseball. Little League Baseball. (No I don't live in Petaluma although we have several baseball-ecstatic relatives… Continue reading The Foul Ball

Give a girl a Volleyball, and she will be merry.

Well, it's chilly California December and school Volleyball is done, over, finished, and we can have beautiful self-manicures and regular shaving routines again! ...Or can we? It's time for Club Volleyball. Yes, I'm about to explain. Club Vball is the BIG mamma of all competitive sports teams outside of the sissy Public Education System sports.… Continue reading Give a girl a Volleyball, and she will be merry.