“Words for Teenagers”

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Perfect. Just perfect. (Says the whiny teenager herself in a self-aware moment)


The Foul Ball

Blessed blessed weekends. Later, a more serious post, that will tell you why I so needed a break, why school was so especially backbreaking these last few days.

But first, a story.

It’s Blessed Saturday. My brother T plays baseball. Little League Baseball. (No I don’t live in Petaluma although we have several baseball-ecstatic relatives who do.) T had a game yesterday at a middle school, and I went bearing my Canon THANK HEAVEN. Or else you wouldn’t have believed me when I told you he chased off a motorcycle gang with a foul ball.


Next door, there’s a church, and they were having some sort of Walkathon Fundraiser behind us on the track. Bouncy houses and hundreds of people cheering for their Athletes was enough. But then we heard the revving. They weren’t exactly a motorcycle gang, but more like a christian group of harley owners… all sitting on the opposite side of the field figuring out how to get across to their event, which was behind us. “Awh NU-uh they BETTER not cross our field!”

Thankfully they chose the other way, but they were still sitting on roaring, oil spitting dinosaurs. My brother was up to bat, but procrastinated getting into his stance until they’d mostly passed.

They park their giant stereos and wheels behind us, and T swings.

Foul Ball, right over our heads, “Heads Up!”, and into the sea of Cyclists.

They Shortly disperse thereafter.

‘Atta boy T!


Ugh. School is 10 and a half hours away. And when I say “School” I really mean the start of four more weeks of toutureous torture leading up to finals. Our last final, and last day of school until the next break, is Friday December 23rd.
Whoever crazy-phyco-maniac on the school board who thought christmas break should start 2 days before CHRISTMAS… Should go work for juvie.

Well, I feel it’s appropriate now to… Break out my inner dramatica, and bid Vacation a proper farewell.

Oh sweet, sweet sleep. I am sorry but you must die now. Because starting tomorrow, you will be but a rare gem that I will rarely savour. Sleep, I sacrafice you now for my homework and books. For my essays and my grade… (that gives me a roof over my head, and an allowance in my pocket). For four straight weeks we will be apart… Till the jovial day of freedom and rest doth return >cough cough< on Dec 23rd.

Vacation and sleep I bid you farewell… and will never forget you as I step now again into the firery pits of High School.

Vacation, I'll miss you. And sleep, I hope to see you soon.


Landon lost his first tooth cutest thing ever I'll post pics REAL soon!!! (promise)