Go See “Inside Out”

 I have one proposition for you all. 

That is, that the next movie you see in theaters will be “Inside Out” and you will tote with you anyone willing and capable of feeling emotions. Anyone. (Just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s just for the kids).

In fact, the concept is an intensely thoughtful one that is sure to blow even the wisest of grown-ups minds. The concept, or at least my interpretation of the concept, is that emotions are so powerful. While at times their shifting and shaping may seem a burden during one’s emotional progress through life, our emotions are equally important and always working for us to help us cope with our surrounding environment… which can be even more unpredictable and burdensome than ourselves.

The emotions themselves are all played as human-esque looking characters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust (featuring some familiar voices if you watch Parks and Rec or the Mindy Project). Their story is set in the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley, who lives her life according to their commands and absence-of, just like the movie implies we all do.

joysadSitting in the packed theatre, thinking through the movie as it was playing, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is really how emotions work? Laid out, it makes sense. Sometimes Joy drives a person to make choices, sometimes sadness, sometimes both or another emotion. This idea of balancing emotions one of the most universal of movie themes I have ever come across because who of us can say that we’ve never been angry or sad or joyous, or afraid, or in disgust?

We all have incredibly complex minds and with those we often forget that it’s okay not to stay positive all the time. In fact, (spoiler alert) sometimes sadness is the best motivator to adjust a course of action to something better for our well-being while the other guys take a backseat. In the end, they’re meant to balance us out and help us grow at our own unique pace.

Because we are all human (I can now confirm this because Dog with a Blog unfollowed me), we each have the potential to act in according to our complex emotions and then when the repercussions subside we can store all those beautiful memories for later because that’s the beauty of being human.

Inside-Out-113 riley-inside-out-trailer-2-pixar Inside-Out_2



I think I like Oregon..

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Yesterday Los Torrens arrived in Oregon in the Swag-mobile. Weird and a little strange because that’s North, and our family doesn’t really go north that often. South is Disneyland and East is everything else. Now, a family reunion brings us to Seattle for the first time… like ever.  It’s exciting and so I guess that’s why I’m writing about it.
To describe the entire drive up here would be blah, so here’s a sampler. We stopped in a little railroad town for gas and because my dad’s local history app convinced him it would be a good idea, which it was :)
We found a baseball field that Babe Ruth once played a small charity game on while he was in the majors. What a nice fellow.
Weird how deserted the place was except for the community pool right next door that was hopping with music and wet bodies. Guess that just explained itself. Wow Sydney.
Anyways, we checked the field out, the boys with their recently purchased iPods and I got our Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat-worthy pictures and headed out.
(Mhm we’re cool)
Then Urbanspoon gave us a gem when we asked for a place to get grub. The Kailaidascope Pizzeria and Pub is a place I will gladly write my one and only restaurant review for… someday. Not only was the pizza crust and cobbler incredible but so was their mission statement. Their artsy menu was designed entirely by kids with special needs. I vow to return for more.
Then we drove back and the whole way home my addiction to cloud porn drove me to hanging out the window and snap the cotton candy sky.
Hotel and sleep.
Ever notice how states have their own certain flavors of people? Not exactly sure how to describe it, but during  Sunday School, I kept watching these kids and tried to imagine them telling someone “Hi I’m from Oregon!” It was an easy thing to imagine. They were all super duper friendly and just glowed with the spirit of Oregon. Yes.
Then later that afternoon I felt the “world shrink” when dad recognized someone from his childhood at church and we were invited to her family’s house for lunch. We learned that some of the best ice breakers are sprinkle pancakes with strawberry syrup and then playing a game of Disney Apples to Apples.
And then came the play. It’s getting late and I don’t think I have the energy to write as much as I would like but if you ever have the oppourtunity to see Robin Hood in the Elizabethan Theate at the Shakespeare Festival in Oregon, GO AND DO IT.
Anyways, goodnight world. To be continued…

It came. IT CAME!!!!!

I am typing on a mac.

It came. It Came. IT CAME! Actually it came two days ago. The story?

You already know the torturous part, waiting waiting waiting for the dang UPS truck. Then suddenly, an engine, rumblier than all the rest, pulled up across the street. A plump-bellied man in a brown jump-suit hopped out and walked to the back, opened the doors, and pulled out a brown box. I had been frozen because my  heart had fainted, but then it sat up in my chest cavity and screamed, “RUN TO THE DOOR YOU FOOL!” I flew instead. Throwing open the door, plump-belly stood on the thresh with his knuckles in knocking-position. He retracted his fist to pull out a massive palm-pilot and hanging from it was a plastic pen.

Oh, gotta sign.”

I grabbed the pen, scribbled something curly and un-legible on the screen, took the box, smiled and “thank-you”d, and closed the door. I ran to my room, I flew like a flash (grabbing scissors along the way) and carefully destroyed the barrier between me and about a thousand hours of babysitting.

Apple Inc., Cupertino California

Oh happy day. Throwing aside manuals, screen wipes, and apple stickers, I reached the last of the packaging. A clear plastic bag held my beloved silver mass of tech adorned with the fruit that may have caused man mortality. The Apple, complete with Eve’s bite. I plugged it in and watched it, as its life blood of electricity flowed into it’s system.

Well, anyway, I’m not bragging. Please believe that I’m not. I’m simply telling you dear reader why I’ll be blogging a lot more. With this new tool I believe God helped me to earn, I can have my own space for sharing thoughts, testimonies and stories as well as pictures. It’s a tool, but with it I have also realized the importance of human interaction (strangely enough). In order to exercise this power correctly, I have to be a good person and get some righteous blogging material.

(First PhotoBooth pic)





Hunger Games.

You know what it is and what it’s about because the whole world has taken the time to tell you the whole story. Katniss in district 13, eating squirrels because there’s nothing else… (Yet somehow she can afford that stylish leather jacket?) Well it whups Twilight big time. Don’t get me wrong, Bells and Edwardo are cool, but tree climbing with a bow and arrow without having to drain a deer of it’s crimson life juice for energy is pretty sick. Katniss can live on apple juice.

I think Hunger Games changed my life. Yes. I think I sleep better knowing Wash D.C. isn’t filled with neon, pale-faced, Elizabethan clowns and loony jackals with too much time to get fancy with the facial hair.

Going hiking suddenly sounds like a good idea, because I know now how to sleep in a tree if I get lost and need to spend a night in the woods.

Oh and braids are hot now. Exceptionally. Hot.

“Edward or Jacob?”- is like asking…

“Bat or muscular wolf?”

Gale or Peeta?”- is asking…

“Tall+ dark+handsome or Sweet+ brave+strapping?”

A more even playing ground.

Hunger Games Peeta Gale Hot guys

EXCEPT Gale is a silent, sullen and jealous for most of the movie (Guy on left)

while Peeta is running around in the forest with Katniss, faithful as a puppy. (Guy on right)

Watch Hunger Games. ASAP. I promise you’ll have the strange urge to camp out in a cave.