Lessons in Chemistry

Beyond a curve, a roller coaster of learning this week has been… and it’s only wednesday!

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How interesting. I find a recurring theme amongst my troubles.

Chemistry. I’ve had crash-course sessions in both the tedious type you learn here in the jungle and the… uh… romantic type. Here goes.

My Chemistry teacher ran the Boston Marathon over spring break. So as you can imagine, our normally structured lesson plan disintegrated in a beaker of HCL as my teacher nursed her jet lag and told us what bomb shock feels like.

“Had I finished 5 minutes sooner…”

Our class was silent.

Catastrophes are reality shakers. How petty of me to worry about the dumb things I worry about like boys when I could have lost my teacher over a weekend. But it was worrying about the boy that brought on the second lesson in Chemistry, taught by both Ms. N and my mom.

Perfecting the art of dating people includes an extensive knowledge of Chemistry. The lovey-dovey kind you’re thinking of can be defined by Oxford as, “the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people”. Yes. It’s so complex, math and actual chemistry can be used to demonstrate it.

(Sorry, analogy queen had to.)

Let’s say that people are substances. They are each completely unique containing varied traits, ingredients and polarities and as such obtain specific compatability levels when it comes to other substances.

Some substances work perfectly together and become one unit that can never be filtered or settled apart except “by evaporation do us part”.

Ex. Sugar Watervia tumblr


Unfortunately, a more chronically common case would be substances that truly believe it’s going to work out but don’t. It’s nice, it’s prospects look positive, but something triggers a change in compatability. Separation occurs.

Ex. Chocolate Milkvia niydaily


Some substances are good friends on the shelf, but would never choose to mix because  explosion would surely follow.

Ex.Baking Soda and Vinegar


So the crux is thus: You gotta let people have their chemistry. You’ve got to value other people’s uniqueness, and when Johnny likes Sally more than you just try not to get too…

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The Warriors’ Mothers (Happy Mommy’s Day!)

When you’re a Mormon, you meet at a building according to where you live. and the people you see every Sunday and who live in your relative neighborhood are in your “ward”. There are thousands of wards across the globe. A ward becomes a family as people move in, move out, have babies, pass away… you get it. In a ward, the adults are given different assignments called “callings”, like chores within a family. These callings range from helping in the nursery to being the Bishop. (Equivalent to a pastor). Well anyways, my parents have the two coolest callings in the world. Mom is a Public Affairs Spokesperson which pretty much means she gets to know other church leaders from all faiths and works with them to do service within the community. She also helps to put on Mormon Helping Hands which is the big, annual mormon service project. Once again, I share this video a guy and friend in our ward produced.

This was filmed in our area at several of the sites we served at. This leads into my dad’s calling, Ward Mission Leader. Watch it again, and play iSpy for anyone wearing a rectangular black badge with white writing. (Do it now)

They are all missionaries, sent from our church to preach the gospel, and rake leaves when needed. My dad’s job includes the Young Men Missionaries, who have chosen to leave normal society for two years and dedicate those two years to God. My dad acts as a step-in mentor who drives them wherever they can’t walk or ride bikes, gives them what advice an ex-missionary can, and lets them Skype and call home on Mother’s Day. Destination reached.

Right now, two dedicated young men are contacting home to talk to their families, but most importantly, their moms. (Bing!)

” All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. ” Abraham Lincoln

Mormon Missionaries and their relationships to their mothers could be equated to the Stripling Warriors and their mothers. I would jump into a summary of this epic tale from the Book of Mormon, but I’m lazy and this one is so much better,

“Nearly 10 years after Captain Moroni raised the Title of Liberty the Lamanites and Nephites were once again at war. The people of Ammon desired to help the Nephites. But they had made a vow to never to take up arms again. Their sons had not made this vow. These young men entered into a covenant to fight for the liberty of the Nephites.

They were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted. They were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him.

These 2,000 stripling soldiers had been taught by their mothers that God was with them, that He would not let them fall. Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.

Being led by Helaman, they were in many battles, but none died. The Lord rewarded and preserved them; for believing in Him, for having faith, for obeying His commandments, and for striving to serve others.” -mormonfind.com

stripling warriors, moms, mother's day, clouds, mommy, mommies, warrior, spear, courage, missionary
“Farewell my stripling warrior” Del Parson
missionary, missionary farewell, farewell my stripling warrior
A Stripling Warrior Saying Farewell

Today is Mother’s Day. Regardless of your religion, be grateful for mothers everywhere who are preparing their children for the battlefield of life. Be grateful for women who have the patience to teach children to be warriors. Mom, thanks especially for teaching me how to be a smart warrior and to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

What were some battle skills your mom taught you?

It came. IT CAME!!!!!

I am typing on a mac.

It came. It Came. IT CAME! Actually it came two days ago. The story?

You already know the torturous part, waiting waiting waiting for the dang UPS truck. Then suddenly, an engine, rumblier than all the rest, pulled up across the street. A plump-bellied man in a brown jump-suit hopped out and walked to the back, opened the doors, and pulled out a brown box. I had been frozen because my  heart had fainted, but then it sat up in my chest cavity and screamed, “RUN TO THE DOOR YOU FOOL!” I flew instead. Throwing open the door, plump-belly stood on the thresh with his knuckles in knocking-position. He retracted his fist to pull out a massive palm-pilot and hanging from it was a plastic pen.

Oh, gotta sign.”

I grabbed the pen, scribbled something curly and un-legible on the screen, took the box, smiled and “thank-you”d, and closed the door. I ran to my room, I flew like a flash (grabbing scissors along the way) and carefully destroyed the barrier between me and about a thousand hours of babysitting.

Apple Inc., Cupertino California

Oh happy day. Throwing aside manuals, screen wipes, and apple stickers, I reached the last of the packaging. A clear plastic bag held my beloved silver mass of tech adorned with the fruit that may have caused man mortality. The Apple, complete with Eve’s bite. I plugged it in and watched it, as its life blood of electricity flowed into it’s system.

Well, anyway, I’m not bragging. Please believe that I’m not. I’m simply telling you dear reader why I’ll be blogging a lot more. With this new tool I believe God helped me to earn, I can have my own space for sharing thoughts, testimonies and stories as well as pictures. It’s a tool, but with it I have also realized the importance of human interaction (strangely enough). In order to exercise this power correctly, I have to be a good person and get some righteous blogging material.

(First PhotoBooth pic)




Patience Young Bridesmaid…


Well would YOU open it?!

The contents of the brown paper? A handome foreign laptop case via Etsie. Sadly, his wife is late to the wedding but will draw up in a UPS truck and will be walked down the aisle (A brick-lined cement walkway) by a kind UPS man. The theme? White with silver apples someone took a perfect bite out of. I will sit by the door until she gets here!!! She’s the result of babysitting part-time for a year. (!!!!)

Patience… Patience… Patience……….

Oummm… (Closes eyes and inhales slowly, then clenches eyelids with excitement.) I love weddings.

Do I look Tired?

Just got to school. It’s a Wednesday, sleep in day, but the teacher’s daughter gets to walk into class at 7:20… two hours before everybody else. I try to use this time efficiently (more so than my last post lol) and work on biology. Right now we’re doing anatomy, which means kidney stones and urine. Grody to the max. Dad’s in a meeting but a sweet teacher from down the hall and family friend stops by to say hello.

“You look tired.” She comments.

Awesome, cause I’m exhausted. Seminary, volleyball, cross-fit p.e., plus school will do that to you. But at least I’m happy. Wait, why shouldn’t I be happy? Well… I’ve got a cute hobby (blogging), I’m reading a fantastic find (Anne of Windy Poplars), My Macbook case I ordered on Etsy is coming through customs, and I’m moving out of my parents computer soon! I think I’m happy. Is it possible to be happy and exhausted?

A mother of three, two of which are twins, can still hold a sincere smile on her face after tending the needs of three toddlers all afternoon and getting ready for moving day in two weeks. A man running his first marathon can still grin and high-five his son who’s standing in the sidelines. So how come they’ve got so much dang happiness?!

The difference is they have another mindset than I, a much better one . “I trust that ye have not set your hearts upon riches and vain things of the world,” Alma 7:16

This dang laptop is completely of the world, and so are the other things that supposedly made me “happy”! No wonder I’m exhaused to the negative degree! I want to be exhaused to the positive degree, like the guys above! I’ll try, today I’ll really try to really poop myself out but go to bed smiling. I’ll try to do some good today.

Same goes for you! Tire yourself out doing good deeds or at least put a little more effort and smile into your everyday routine. Comment how you or a someone else has done good  : -)

P.S. Speaking of serivce… check out what a million mormons did this weekend!

(Singers include ex-American Idol and newly citizen both with sparkly golden vochs!)