Lessons in Chemistry

Beyond a curve, a roller coaster of learning this week has been… and it’s only wednesday!

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How interesting. I find a recurring theme amongst my troubles.

Chemistry. I’ve had crash-course sessions in both the tedious type you learn here in the jungle and the… uh… romantic type. Here goes.

My Chemistry teacher ran the Boston Marathon over spring break. So as you can imagine, our normally structured lesson plan disintegrated in a beaker of HCL as my teacher nursed her jet lag and told us what bomb shock feels like.

“Had I finished 5 minutes sooner…”

Our class was silent.

Catastrophes are reality shakers. How petty of me to worry about the dumb things I worry about like boys when I could have lost my teacher over a weekend. But it was worrying about the boy that brought on the second lesson in Chemistry, taught by both Ms. N and my mom.

Perfecting the art of dating people includes an extensive knowledge of Chemistry. The lovey-dovey kind you’re thinking of can be defined by Oxford as, “the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people”. Yes. It’s so complex, math and actual chemistry can be used to demonstrate it.

(Sorry, analogy queen had to.)

Let’s say that people are substances. They are each completely unique containing varied traits, ingredients and polarities and as such obtain specific compatability levels when it comes to other substances.

Some substances work perfectly together and become one unit that can never be filtered or settled apart except “by evaporation do us part”.

Ex. Sugar Watervia tumblr


Unfortunately, a more chronically common case would be substances that truly believe it’s going to work out but don’t. It’s nice, it’s prospects look positive, but something triggers a change in compatability. Separation occurs.

Ex. Chocolate Milkvia niydaily


Some substances are good friends on the shelf, but would never choose to mix because  explosion would surely follow.

Ex.Baking Soda and Vinegar


So the crux is thus: You gotta let people have their chemistry. You’ve got to value other people’s uniqueness, and when Johnny likes Sally more than you just try not to get too…

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Spring Break Begins

The bell rang yesterday and the classes erupted into the halls like water bursting from a crumbling dam. It was hot outside and people stopped in crowds to hum and bubble about their vacation plans. We walked to Starbucks to get some sugary drinks and celebrate. We sat, sipped, and talked about world politics and tanning.

Iced Passion Fruit Tea… decaf :) #tumblrstatusss

Eye of the Sparrow

Okay, so. First off, I’m blogging in the front yard. There. Just took a photobooth selfie to prove it but I’m not showing it to you. This is the web and there are an awful of creepy peeps out there if you know what I mean, plus I failed at a sloppy bun today.

So here’s my plan. I have three things to share with you today dear reader which makes me really excited. So excited that my house couldn’t contain all my excitement so that’s why I’m in the front yard. There you have it.

So the choice I had to make was put all three things together in one haphazard post or give each one it’s own light to shine in and congest my followers inboxes with not just one, but three posts filled with my insanely deep thoughts. Let’s vote

MuA-HA-hahahahaha! Too bad I’m doing three.

First off is this hilarious Youtube video from the recent Presidential Elections. The entire thing is basically my standpoint on the whole thing.


Alright here’s a tree in my front yard. Not exactly me but almost as great. Snapped with my iPhone 4s

And We Fished for Pearls

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High School Tech crew: A gang of kids everybody thinks are over-dramatic, under athletic, and good with a hammer. Personally, I joined cause I thought we’d be painting sets by now. And plus, when I can go before volleyball practice, it’s quite social. Over-dramatic kids are a blast to talk to! They also have sweet field trips.

That’s right, the Opera. The second after I mentioned it to my mother, the follow up question was not, “When is it?” or “How much does it cost?” but, “DO THEY NEED ANY CHAPERONES?!?!”

So my mother and I went to the opera. The Pearl Fishers. Click here for synopsis.

But it wasn’t just going to the Opera. Nay, it was but a tour of the layers of rooms and innards of the theatre, behind, below, and ABOVE. Catwalks baby, scary scary catwalks. I still don’t get all the technical talk about sandbag weights, pigs, and grids but that’s okay. I got to see one of the most drop dead gorgeous sets the artistic geniuses of this planet have ever constructed and change into fancy garb in the bathroom of a Homestyle-Chipotle Burrito joint.

Overall opinion of Operas, the plot lines always suck, the exquisite sets never fail to make you want to cry and so do the dang earth-rumbling vibratos.

Obviously pro opera critic here.

Please, enjoy the coming week lovely reader! For surely you will have earned some karma by reading my wittle baby blog!

The PhAAAAntom-esses of the Opera are here! -Aaat the Buritto Joint!

Writing a Paper

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Let’s call this a warm-up. Did one of those in Alg 2 today, and I’m going to do one in about t-minus 70 minutes before my first game of the season. Setting: Dad’s class with his 7th period discussing Roger Williams and Galileo in APUSH, little Sophomore me in the back on my laptop thankfully unintroduced)

The Golden Key

Jacob and Wilhem Grimm

Summary: Once Upon a Time there was a boy who found a golden key, and shortly after found a little chest in which the key fit.

The narrator ends the story with this sentence;

Then we shall find out  what kind of wonderful things there were in the little chest.

Blow your minds people.

My quest is to flip, add to and sculpt a climactic story out of THIS. I love mysteries, but this is another Lady or the Tiger . A “choose your ending” story, or is it more? It has to be because the Brother Grimm were the Brothers Genius’s and always had a resound ending and moral to each story. So simply, what is the hidden moral?

You decide.

(But seriously, help me out here :)



Warning: This is a Draft, This is a Draft, This is a Draft

Unfinished Tales

In “The Golden Key”, the theme that surfaces is that mystery is the best kind of climax. To make the story’s peak end on a frayed rope left to the audience to mend can only be a stroke of genius.  The climax begins when a young boy initially thinks in the snow after finding a key and wooden box with the fitting keyhole,  “Certainly there are valuable things in the chest”.  Certainly, there’s an object worth guessing in the wooden hollow. The ending of the story neither denies nor confirms this, but rather leaves it so intriguingly to the reader’s discretion with not a bias to slant off. There is in addition another version of the story, which is contains a much more dynamic and literally colorful plot. In this version, through a complicated series of events involving rainbows, fairies, and little girls with tangled hair, a young boy and his friends find themselves walking up a staircase to where the reader will never know, because the narrator ends the story with, “ They knew that they were going up to the country whence the shadows fall. And by this time I think they must have got there.” A much more beautiful example of mystery, and letting the reader choose the character’s fate. However in this example, the author at least hints at the happy ending that he believes occurred, giving the reader a slightly biased slant to build on. Outside of “The Golden Key”, there are other examples of absent endings. One famous sample is, “The Lady or the Tiger?” When the young lover of the princess is put into the Roman Arena by order of the king, he must choose between two doors. Behind one lies a lovely unwed maiden and behind the other a starved and ferocious tiger. The story ends with the famous line, “And so I leave it all with you: Which came out of the opened door – the lady, or the tiger?” In conclusion, people love mysteries. But even more so, they love predicting endings, or at least debating about what the author would have wanted you to predict using the clues he or she had given. When given the key, people will open the door.


The night before GIRLS CAMP!!!

“Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end- the middle’s the most important. Think of… an Oreo cookie! Right now we are in the middle of our lives, and this is the time that matters most. We’ll get to camp tomorrow, and we’ll leave on Saturday. It’s up to YOU what you do with that creme filling.”

Words from a high-adventurer of a sister in the stake, witty and smelling of Hawaii and full of jokes as well as inquisitive wisdom. It was a great talk. Anyways, I’m leaving for camp in the morning. With my dear non-member friend K. who is absolutely stoked about spending a week in cabins in the Sierras overlooking a lake. Yes, a sparkly cold lake. Our volunteer cooks are also food gods. I have to go to my restful slumber party now (excitement will keep my eyes open anyway) but before I do, I want to wish you all a happy mid-summer, and a happy mid-life! Please, Enjoy the filling :)

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