The night before GIRLS CAMP!!!

“Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end- the middle’s the most important. Think of… an Oreo cookie! Right now we are in the middle of our lives, and this is the time that matters most. We’ll get to camp tomorrow, and we’ll leave on Saturday. It’s up to YOU what you do with that creme filling.”

Words from a high-adventurer of a sister in the stake, witty and smelling of Hawaii and full of jokes as well as inquisitive wisdom. It was a great talk. Anyways, I’m leaving for camp in the morning. With my dear non-member friend K. who is absolutely stoked about spending a week in cabins in the Sierras overlooking a lake. Yes, a sparkly cold lake. Our volunteer cooks are also food gods. I have to go to my restful slumber party now (excitement will keep my eyes open anyway) but before I do, I want to wish you all a happy mid-summer, and a happy mid-life! Please, Enjoy the filling :)

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Scared to Pack and Some Pretty Sweet Stuff

Heard these guys in the car on the way to fireworks. I like ’em don’t you? It’s smooth, with a purpose. I’m no music critic but I think these guys have earned a pat on the back :)

That was the sweet stuff. Still scared to pack for Volleyball camp. Firstly, I still have gaps in my packing list that call for a trip to the store… but I could still go clean the cobwebs out of my suitcase in the garage. The one friend from camp last year I made and  have outwardly tried to keep in contact with all year can’t go, and so I’m alone. I did it alone last year, but I was a year younger, a year less mellow and realistic. I’m stoked to see the family before and after though. A long awaited hugs await. Okay there’s my motivation. Now I’m going to play more Imagine Dragons, take my fingers off the keyboard, and stand up. Then I will go dust off my suitcase. (Hope there’s no spiders) Happy fifth everybody! Hope nobody’s dogs had heart emergencies last night. Okay, that’s it. See you in Utah!


An Incredible Family

Good Luck Charlie Family The Incredibles Incredible Family

The Incredibles was our first DVD. (10-year anniversary is coming up btw!) It’s been showing on ABC Family all day and we had to sit down with our baby brother, Monkey #3, as he was so deprived of this classic. The movie came out a year before we even knew M.B.3, and being normal children, we would watch it around the clock memorizing every line in every scene.

Back then, we were convinced our family could be the Incredibles. A strong dad, a hip mom, a big sis, little bro and littler bro (when M.B.2 was still in diapers). We were to be the Incredibles for Halloween, the whole matching leotards and everything. Then we found out mom was having another one. Mom couldn’t have been slender Elasta-Girl with that big belly unless you count those elastic prego-pants. Plus we realized we had other variations; mom and dad would have to switch hair colors, and I was too young to be a depressed teenager. M.B.1 though was determined to be Dash, “zooming” around the front yard with his little eyes fixed to the ground, fists pumping, short legs prancing. Pretty cute.

“Sydney, he looks like Charlie’s dad”, M.B.3 said pointing at Mr. Incredible. Huh…

Mr Incredible Bob Duncan Good Luck Charlie
The Mr. Incredible(s)

Funny right? Balding in the same places too! Aw but we love ’em. “Them” being Bob Duncan from “Good Luck Charlie” and the oh so incredible Mr. Incredible. INCREDIBLE! Hey and take a look at their families…

Good Luck Charlie Family The Incredibles Incredible Family
The Incredible Families

Interesting… (strokes chin)

Sorry P.J. but you always were the odd child.

Happy sunday night guys! It’s a good night to read a blog, watch Jack-Jack attack, and worry about going to volleyball camp for a week and missing my own Incredible Family!

My Theme Song

To step off the deep end, music is an awesome entity. Already, musical instruments are an amazing gift we have here in the world, but then we have songs. Arrangements of musical phrases designed for every kind of people and mood. So therefore, everyone has a theme song. Maybe you have or haven’t found it yet. Three words: Spot•i•fy.

My theme song? Down Under by Men at Work. It’s tune is timelessly catchy, the words are entangled are mean something different every time I listen, and my name’s Sydney. What’s you’re theme song?

Oh and the music video’s hysterical. Why did I have to miss the 70’s?!

A Wise Señora Once Said…

“Cause that’s the way I was brought up. You gotta treat all people the same, no matter what skin color… no matter what religion. They all got the same heart, ya know?”

-Abuela O.

(Envision with a faint, 76-year-old Tex-Mex accent)

We just finished anatomy in Biology. Ever wondered exactly how you swallow? *Cough!*Peristalsis*Cough!*  Well I did, and a lot of other body questions were answered this week. I know know what happens when “Johnny Eats a Cheeseburger”. (Essay) But I am here to testify, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME HEART! (Literally!)

“But Sydney, I learned in kindergarden that no two people are the same, WE’RE ALL UNIQUE!”

 (Sorry. Cheesy dialogue.)

Nope! Only some parts of your body are truly unique. Your skin prints, your brain, and other picky organs. Everything else can be found everywhere else. Brown hair will be brown hair, blue eyes will be blue eyes from Zimbabwe to Juneau. Then of course you allow for mother nature to step in and stir her soup further. Genetic disease, freckles, deformities are their own type of unique, but I don’t swim in the deep end. If Mother nature could just be satisfied with the consistency of her tomato bisque, then one could say that all humans are born with the same heart, because we’re all programmed to be human. (Unless you’re a genetically altered golden lab with spectacles reading this).

So maybe it’s politically incorrect to say “we all have the same heart”, because we don’t. Birth defects, accidents, heart disease, smoking… but we’re all human, and at one point had the capacity to have the same heart even if it was at the zygote stage.

Summary? Sure.

Treat everyone equally, we’ve all got the same heart.

I know it’s tough to do. Especially when it’s your dorkie-squash of a little brother interpretive dancing to Andy Grammar.

But you gotta keep your head up, OH-oh,
And you can let your hair down, EH-eh,
You gotta keep your head up, OH-oh,
And you can let your hair down, E-eh e-eheh.

 Enjoy what’s left of today and thursday guys! (TWO MORE WEEKS AND THIS FRESH-MEAT GETS SOPHTER!)


Ya ever have that? Where you’ve been waiting for something for so long that the day it’s supposed to come you drive yourself a teaspoon insane? It doesn’t help that you got out of school early so you have extra time to let your insanity cook. You re-check your e-mail making absolutley CERTAIN that UPS got it right today and you camp out by a window facing the door, or you tape a mirror to the wall so you can see the brown-suited man at an angle as he walks to your door (without looking like a window-peeping creeper).

You ever doubt yourself? You’ve envisioned that white box with the silver apple millions of times to the point where you de-sensythize… believing it’s jst a dream. But SUDDENLY down the street through your slightly open window you hear the chug of a large vehicular engine that could be the UPS TRUCK!!! You race to the window, you fly like a flash to see… It’s only a passing minivan. Dissapointment weighs your heart down. Mom on errands calls, “Did it come yet?”
Monkey brothers stampede in from school, “Did it come yet?!”


You try reading Anne of Windy Poplars, but become bored with lack of technology in setting. You pull out your iPod and blog about your feelings for what you hope is the last time.


Ice Cream Truck.