My Theme Song

To step off the deep end, music is an awesome entity. Already, musical instruments are an amazing gift we have here in the world, but then we have songs. Arrangements of musical phrases designed for every kind of people and mood. So therefore, everyone has a theme song. Maybe you have or haven’t found it yet. Three words: Spot•i•fy.

My theme song? Down Under by Men at Work. It’s tune is timelessly catchy, the words are entangled are mean something different every time I listen, and my name’s Sydney. What’s you’re theme song?

Oh and the music video’s hysterical. Why did I have to miss the 70’s?!


High School’s a Fourth Over!

And the final bell rang… FLASH MOB!

Wow. I’m blogging at 11:30 PM! Yup, pretty sure it’s summer! Well school went out with no shebang, simply finals and teachers wishing off “happy summer”s. First year of finals, over. I dust off my hands, throw my backpack to the side and and run through the sprinklers. Funny how once summer starts, the average teen becomes nicer. I actually tickled my brother today. The stress of getting an education is over for a few months and ah, that’s where the good nature comes from. Bucket list for the coming weeks of sweet sweet freedom?

-Take bike on lightrail

-Fix fine focus on camera and figure out how to make this a partial photo-blog

-Have good social fun at least a hundred-thousand times (sleepovers, dances, screwing around good-kid style)

-Make 7 new blogging buddies

-Get J-Lo buff with Crossfit Sawmill, boom baby.

-Paint something mondo and splattery

-Hardcore babysitter (Like ten bucks an hour h.c.!)

-Be volleyball sensei to little brothers: teach the ways of the spike.

-Chalk mural on my old elementary school blacktop (Yes, blog about it)

-Take a train to Utah

-Watch all Ponyo & Rocky movies in two days

-Sketch Rocky Balboa Portrait

-Perfect Scone recipe

-Be a SOPHtdrink sophmore, paint a binder with 7UP design

-Get driftwood and shell shards from the beach… make something santa-cruzian

-See Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers when they come to town!

-Get rallied up for the NEXT THREE YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL!

That’s right, hit us with your best shot summer 2012!

What’s on your bucket list?

Killer, and killer haircut there Nicki!

Squaw Chicas Trip Video

Squaw Valley = Base Camp + High Camp

Base Camp = Tourist Village
High Camp = Star Wars-like Structure in the Mts. + Hot Chocolate
SydneyJoTo = Crappy Camerawoman & Editor… but here’s a shot

•• A MUSIC NOTE •• (Pun entirely intended)

Music’s a little loud, I suggest you turn it down before popping an eardrum,

Speaking of Music… this song was stuck in our heads for the entire duration of the trip.

So there you go.

THANK YOU CareBear and Annie for being amazing amigas during this amazing excursion. Love you both! And to Jane, our A-mazing chauffeur, ski coach and temporary mom… thanks for this awesome trip. Truly.

Nutella: the Leading Cause of Epiphanies

At the moment, I’m munching pretzels loaded with Nutella at the family iMac. Around me scurry thirteen 5-year-olds, squealing as they transition from playtime to story-time. Tough life guys. And yes, this is how I spend my overdue spring breaks… letting my mom’s bite-sized pupils dance circles around me.

As I’m licking the product of the Gods off my fingers, an epiphany jumps into my head like a Leprechaun on “So You Think You Can Jig?”.

Guys I’m starting fresh again. The topic scope at the moment on SydneyJoTo stretches 3/4ths around the world. (Shrink-y-dink sound effect!) My focus now is on being a good fifteen-year-old. What’s it like trying to be a good christian kid in 2012?

Favorite Music, Videos, Causes, Art, and Pictures of my life as it flies by… all the things we teens live for are my pinpoint. The only difference is I’m taking the time to write about it.

AH! This sounds so serious and straightforward! Awh HEECK no. You should know that I’ve now devoted myself to nunnery. I killed my Facebook. (GASP! from the crowd) Yes, ’tis true. But I’ve learned Nuns are evil and don’t laugh, so I’m quitting soon. When I do, I’ll be back with something halarious.

Until then, Zay Zay can take my place.



I love him… but not as much as these bad boys.

Oh mama.

Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers: Get ‘Em Famous!

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers action shot
Kick butt kazoo.
It’s the first warm day in years, (Or at least it feels like) and we’re spending it in sweet-smelling Santa Cruz with sweet people bbq-ing a “crap-load” of good munchies. We the techno-kids are surfing Youtube and Nicki Bluhm videos are proposed to check out. Whaaa?Checking out we do and suddenly, we love Nicki and her musical men. I love their sweet simplicity and all while driving a VAN!Apparently we aren’t their only fans. Rick and Uncle NayNay made the connection of interest on Facebook, as I’m sure a small bucketload of people have. Sharing their videos, catching the eye of small online news bulletins, festival concerts and West Coast Tour?!?!!!

So what am I, this 15-year-old blog-a-tista going to do?

First I’m begging the padres for some tickets for the Petaluma Show. Then I’m cheering Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers on. Asking you dear reader to share the video above. They’ve got others too, lots of others. These people are just too good to pass up!

Dear Nicki,

If you guys ever get pulled over by the Popo for “excessive vehicular sound”, I suggest you turn on your camera and serenade his gold badge until that stony frown melts.

Until later readers and music obsessants, I bid you a sleepy adieu… Santa Cruz was incredibly tiring, especially after chasing these little Patooties around for two hours.


I used to know you… but not anymore!

Vague, vague title I’ve got there. I don’t have a somebody that I used know, because I never stop knowing the people I’ve met. All of the strangers, friends, old acquaintances are tied into my past, which is me. So how can I not know someone anymore? Maybe I’m too forgiving and gullible. And I haven’t fallen in love yet. Siiiiiigh.

Easter sunday was filled with sun and laughter, whereas the days leading up to it and following were filled with wet winds and dark skies. Typical Mother Nature. Family and friends of friends gathered in Petaluma to soak in some sun and sugar. (We overdosed on both.)

We were introduced to another YouTube Hall’o Famer by a cool-cat cousin,RubyJoTo. (Same middle and last name as yours truly, yes.)

One “example of choosing not to know someone” that has something to do with another cousin:

“You Gold Rush snoots who couldn’t see my potential, I’m only stronger now thanks to you! You’re loss. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ would LOVE to have me. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know!”


Now YOU! Reference yourself to someone or something you used to know. Watch the video while you’re thinking about it, and It’ll be even more meaningful.


Now. Tell me you wouldn’t sneak into the Adult Egg Hunt to win one’a these bad boys:

mmmHM. That’s what I thought.