Go See “Inside Out”

 I have one proposition for you all.  That is, that the next movie you see in theaters will be “Inside Out” and you will tote with you anyone willing and capable of feeling emotions. Anyone. (Just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s just for the kids). In fact, the concept is an intensely…… Continue reading Go See “Inside Out”

And so begins March

hello, how’s it goin? (That’s me btw ↘) March is my fave month. And this march started off with the Oscars where right off the bat, we fell in love with this couple: …But especially fell in love with her And after doing some googling… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPCkfARH2eE found that Lupita Nyong’o is a truly remarkable human being…… Continue reading And so begins March

september’s loving memory.

This morning in seminary we talked about forgiveness. And we watched this video ↓↓↓ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7zwQ_7q-fU Now I’m listening to this song ↓↓↓ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdN5GyTl8K0 Kind of a somber day, you know that. But every year they say there’s hope in the future as long as we remember the past.

Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

My history teacher’s a basketball buff. Today in class, he passed around a sheet along with a hat {the black silky kind, resembling that of Abe L} filled with slips of paper. On each was a college basketball team on the roster-thing for March Madness. The point of all this was to 1) have us…… Continue reading Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

This One’s for You Oreo

Almost exactly two years ago, my family sent me on a scavenger hunt on my birthday. It was after we had eaten dinner, and my brother slipped me a paper. This paper sent me to various spots around the house, where each sat objects needed to maintain a pet guinea pig. A bag of food…… Continue reading This One’s for You Oreo

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen

My mom signed us up. At first everyone whined, including my dad. But then we accepted facts as the time came for us to leave the house. I told my youngest brother, “Tonight’s Christmas Eve Eve, and so all of Santa’s little elves are spying on us just checking to make sure that we still…… Continue reading Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen

We Are Here With You

Originally posted on The Renegade Rulebook:
I know my blog has been a bit heavy lately in terms of content, and while many who know me in person know this is the exact opposite of my personality in real life, I am not quite ready to depart from contemplation. I have debated not writing about…