Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

march madness pick ugh

My history teacher’s a basketball buff. Today in class, he passed around a sheet along with a hat {the black silky kind, resembling that of Abe L} filled with slips of paper. On each was a college basketball team on the roster-thing for March Madness. The point of all this was to 1) have us research a college we would have never probably heard of, and 2) get extra credit points for each game won by our team during this season. I can’t say that I’m happy with leaving bonuses to chance especially because mine is ranked number #16… Southern U {now all you March Madmen groan.

march madness pick ugh
Can somebody explain the “(23-9)” por favor?!

So I got on my school’s college search website. It’s actually pretty cool how technology can help kids make educated decisions on a personal level, by comparing important factors like majors offered, tuition fees, and campus life according to how I’ve tested during

College Blog
decisions decisions…

personality evaluations.

You wanna know what my compilation came to?

    University of Oregon. Yeah… the Ducks.

I perused College options out of interest and boredom. A dangerous couple.

Then I got frustrated because, well, I don’t want to think about all that. Dorms and majors and fees  and the future…


I want to pig out in my parents kitchen with friends and enjoy my schoolwork while hating at the same time. I don’t want to take my final driving lesson because it means that I’m that much closer to taking my license test… with the little bald man in the passenger’s seat with his nose hairs brushing the clipboard. I want to pick the grass in P.E. class as kids try to draw out the workout by asking stupid questions to the teacher. I want to be there when the last of my brothers graduates 6th grade. I want to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes and think I can pull off a fabulous British Accent. I like my backpack and I think it’s funny when the person who has gum in class is suddenly the most popular. I love dem boys {or at least talking about them }. I love babysitting for really nice families. I love being sixteen.


Pop-culture, technology… it all changes and so do the Youth it raises. The teens I mean. We are taught to live in a world we have not yet experienced, a world no one ban predict. So we must be taught to adapt given basic skills and then not-so-basic, which would be developing our talents. And that will determine if our future consists of a cubby-hole career or other.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my life as it is. Light as a feather and fun. I’m going to take advantage of the benefits of living at home and develop those talents as well as find some new ones. Blogging, yes. You are most certainly here to stay. {As much as my parents dislike it ;) } And those pesky poopy brothers… I hope they know that the tackles and noogies are out of love. Three big buckets-full.

If there are any words of wisdom I have developed in these last few years of developing maturity they are, “Life is good, even when it sucks.”

And with that dear reader, I bid you adios. Because I have a spanish test tomorrow. Your lovely advice to teens everywhere would be much appreciated down below :)



“It’s about a girl who is on the cusp of becoming someone.. A girl who may not know what she wants right now, and she may not know who she is right now, but who deserves the chance to find out.” ― Jodi Picoult


The Wonderful World of Homecoming: Part I

where the wild things are book dance rumpus

It really did feel like October just now as I came home from Babysitting. The air is poking freezing in the shoulder, and I could see my breath as I said goodbye to the mother who drove me home. And now, there’s a post coming on tonight!

Man, I love kids. Little munchkins hold a special place in my heart, even when they’re throwing random objects at you of varying weights and sharpness. But it’s fun being around them because they haven’t lost the art of simplicity. Little humans’ only cares are dinner, dessert, potty, and which movie to watch before bedtime. That all. And then they’re tucked in, they suck their thumbs and ask for another story. You turn the lights off, close the door, and…

The parents come home. Then they hand over the cash (or check) and drive you home.

But tonight, it was pay enough to be around those sweet little darlings. All week, I am surrounded by crazy Wild Things called teenagers. Babysitting kids brings you back down to a place where sweet simplicity resides, and it’s wonderfully refreshing. Sadly though, you must return to the island called High School on Monday, where The Wild Things are  preparing for the Wild Rumpus (aka Homecoming).

where the wild things are book dance rumpus
All hail the Homecoming King!

You smile though, because you realize that you’re not the unique and long-awaited king-of-all Wild Things, but rather, just another Wild Thing yourself and you might as well enjoy being one while it lasts. 

(So you volunteer to be in charge of decorations and you’ll blog about it all next week.)