The Stupid Cup Song.

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“The Cup Song” came from “The Cup Game”. Let’s make that crystal clear right now. “The Cup GAME” is basically a hand tap-dance or like a self-patty-cake done in sync with a table-full of others sitting in a circle passing along the cup. It’s been around since summer camps and family reunions were invented and if still you haven’t heard of it, some little girl you know under the age of 14 has. Duh, like… the Turner girls?

Once “The Cup Game” is mastered it becomes something one finds him or herself doing in public whenever they are blessed with an empty cup bestowed upon their table {or in many of my sad cases, what only seems to be an empty cup}. They are suddenly the star of a small-scale percussion show and surrounding tables applaud their performance when they finish. Go ahead, take a bow.

Well “The Cup SONG” was more recently made famous by the movie Pitch Perfect which came out earlier this year. In the movie, “The Cup Game” is put to cute lyrics by Actress and Singer Anna Kendrick and people all over the world have attempted to duplicate her fabulous results on YouTube calling it “The Cup Song”. It’s pretty incredible actually.

And then there’s me. Pitchy-Perfect-and-therefore-silent and frustrated mallet welding me.


Have a fabulous weekend folks!


America’s Youth: Famous and Not

America’s youth has not gone down the drain. Put a sock in it Wall-Street.

You want an accurate report on how America’s Young-un’s are fairing? Take a look at Hollywood. Because America’s youth follows Hollywood like a love-sick puppy dog.

Generally speaking, we follow fashions, whether they be innocent or Lady Gaga-ish. Actually not generally… we do. One day I’ll go further in depth on that gold-mine of a post but for now, here’s a video. Of some Hollywood Teens that many normal teens love. Most originated from Disney Channel, the heartstrings of my generation. Cute, simple and purely innocent. Funny, this video doesn’t make me wish I was them. It makes me want to call up some friends… and make some new ones.

(BTW, Jonas Brothers: Your Pro-Abstinence glory post is in the works!)

Enjoy dear reader, enjoy.




Soon, very soon I will be blogging from one a’these babies.

Owh yeeea. Let the angels sing and let me move out of my parents computer.

I smell change. Some philosophy AND visual juicy goodness? Let’s mix the two and give you something nobody, not even Steven Tyler has seen.

Stay dehydrated my friends.