The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

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After I graduated High School I started to question why anything was really important at all.   Any of these things may have included: Celebrities in the Media. Why do people play into the hands of big-name celebs who are obviously stipulating for attention? e.g. Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump . I still don't get it. Employment nowadays. I'm sitting… Continue reading The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

Spike On Without Me

Disclaimer: I don't do poetry, but here's for kicks.  Dear Volleyball, I've known you since seventh grade, Silently crying because I sucked when we played for youth group. So I joined the school team, because I thought I could learn your ways. Little did I know that all middle school sports suck, Like a duck,… Continue reading Spike On Without Me

Night-Time Epiphanies

Hit the Regina Spektor Radio on Spotify, pop over to WordPress, "New Post". I got words today man! Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up The fire of words baby! I swear they're eating at my soul this day and unless I pour them out on… Continue reading Night-Time Epiphanies

Zumba: The new Chicken Dance

ZOOM•baThe word Zumba literally means fun and dancing in cambodian. It's a mixture of red hot latino music, with an amazing ab rocking workout.All it rquires is a Wii and neon yoga pants at 4 in the morning where not a soul will witness your sweet booty-shaking latino moves.I reccomend Zumba to all reading this… Continue reading Zumba: The new Chicken Dance