Graduation, Episode 1

Today there is one question I demand to have answered by someone. That is,

Where did the time go?

In a few hours, I will have walked the long green stage wearing a white flowy camping tent with an empty diploma holder tucked under one arm and by then, my question still probably won’t be answered. All I can say for sure is that High School was one of the best four seconds of my life. To any of my teen readers living in them now, I beg you not to take them for granted. Each second during high school has the potential to drastically change what happens during the millions of seconds after high school, because the teenage years are powerful ones. They are a name for a metamorphosis which takes place in innocent children and warps them into opinionated, passionate, strong-willed young people. High School is the launching pad and really, takeoff only takes what feels like four seconds. That’s shorter than a vine…

Today as I walked across campus for probably the last time, I caught myself walking at the pace I usually would sprint at to get to class, (back before second semester when still cared about being on time). I caught myself in habit and stopped for a moment. It was then when I realized I didn’t need to rush anymore, not on this campus at least. Crunch-time was over, I had already won the race. So I walked slower, more thoughtfully, down my favorite alley which lies between the tennis court fence and the swimming pool fence. I love that alley so much, because when it rained, I used to stand there and watch the water collect in puddles on the tennis courts. On the opposite side and in another time of year, the swimming pool always made me jealous with its chlorine aura challenging the oncoming summer heat of spring. These are things I’ll hope to never forget, and if my memory fails me someday it’s comforting to know I have this.

Anyway, thank you dear reader as always for doing what you do best here. May your Thursday be as great as your Sunday.

Stay tuned for pt. 2


(via gregwasout on tumblr)
(via gregwasout on tumblr)

Thrice a Graduation

So two weeks ago I went to my first High School Graduation and lived to blog about it. Yesterday were three graduations, all conferring recognition of three different stages of development. Kindergarden, Sixth grade, and High School. The principal at the sixth grade graduation said something neat,

Graduation Day is but a theory. Everyday we graduate, moving up to a more advanced level in intelligence, experience, and maturity.

So what’s the point of Graduation Day? My dad and I got into a discussion about this, how Americans have a knack for stopping to reflect on the past. Graduations aren’t just for recognition, but for reflection on memories and accomplishments. It was awesome to get to go to three, recognizing the accomplishments of a small child, to a pre-teen, to a newly-adult.

Why hello there Large Crowd of people!

These Robed Dudes and Babes on my left and right…

The secret is, I haven’t grown up yet. I still can’t reach the cookies in the pantry.

And the sun sets on all things school-related. I’ve graduated to a sophomore and you’ve graduated a little bit from reading this. Have a glorious summer everyone. :)

Graduation in the Desert

So this would be part one of my (cheater) west coast tour. Two missions to complete. One down, one to go, both on opposite ends of cali. Well, not quite.

norcal socal
Not exactly the full-coastal route…

Mission one was in fuchsia. Go to socal, (the desert), attend a graduation and return home in one peice. Mission two has yet to be completed, but will be blogged about at a later date. I’m blogging now somewhere in the middle chugging gatorade. (Halftime)

Yes, we’re getting to the graduation in the desert. My cousin actually, you could call her my role model.  Also it was my first graduation, and it was LONG! Plenty ‘o time to snap some shots of juvial almost-adults in gowns. Here’s the story:

high school graduation
Saving seats…

A two for one sale?

Pomp and Circumstance!

A Glee version of the National Anthem.
AAAAAAAnd keep freaking out!
Receiving Empty Diploma Cases
Fanatic Family Membs were halarious (Not that I belonged to one)
Joshua Trees… NOW we’re in the desert!

It was amazing. Seeing the fam, sitting with the fam, and taking pics of a very important fam member strutting her stuff as best one can in a gown. Love you M! Enjoy your new adulthood! I just hope that I’m soon to follow :)