Meet Shannon– My Reproductive Syndrome

This has been the longest, most painstakingly drawn-out summer of my life. Right now I’m sitting with a mug full of hot tea on a brisk day near the middle of September with two weeks until my first day of classes and not a whole lot to show for it. Actually I take it back. I went a…… Continue reading Meet Shannon– My Reproductive Syndrome

“Sale” Signs are My Favorite (My College Decision)

(If you’re a friend of family member wondering where I’m going to college and you’re here for the short answer, follow the fl✿wers and keep scrolling honey. If you’ve got a second and love a seamlessly incorporated animated disney expression gif or two you might want to stick around for the long answer. Either way,…… Continue reading “Sale” Signs are My Favorite (My College Decision)

To Express Junior Year Thus-far

…in 34 Gifs. Ready, go. Everyday in Trig-Precalc: When the counselor took over 5th period to have the “Scary Junior Talk”: When our Spanish teacher has random outbursts that are borderline socially unacceptable: When I picked a song I really liked the night before to be my alarm in the morning and woke up hating…… Continue reading To Express Junior Year Thus-far

Lessons in Chemistry

Beyond a curve, a roller coaster of learning this week has been… and it’s only wednesday!How interesting. I find a recurring theme amongst my troubles.Chemistry. I’ve had crash-course sessions in both the tedious type you learn here in the jungle and the… uh… romantic type. Here goes.My Chemistry teacher ran the Boston Marathon over spring…… Continue reading Lessons in Chemistry

The Stupid Cup Song.

“The Cup Song” came from “The Cup Game”. Let’s make that crystal clear right now. “The Cup GAME” is basically a hand tap-dance or like a self-patty-cake done in sync with a table-full of others sitting in a circle passing along the cup. It’s been around since summer camps and family reunions were invented and if still…… Continue reading The Stupid Cup Song.

Shortest Horror Story- School Tomorrow

Gosh it’s been a great break. Extremely long and full of good things like chocolate and fireplaces. Gorgeous memories with friends and family. It was all I could have asked for. Then suddenly, all the teens in America woke up this morning with the crappiest feeling. School tomorrow. The wonderful amounts of sleep and food…… Continue reading Shortest Horror Story- School Tomorrow

The “I Passed My Permit Test” Dance

… this is how it’s done. (Thanks Miley) The big day commenced as such: Madre picked me up in the getaway minivan two seconds after school got out Friday. We pulled into the DMV twenty minutes early to our appointment and waited in line with the following in hand: • Birth Certificate • SS Card…… Continue reading The “I Passed My Permit Test” Dance