We Are Here With You

newton remember candles

It’s been rough. Super rough. Rough in keeping my head held together through all this. My hearts in shambles and still aches a week later. There are no words but the ones we know. But this story, these sickening events have made all words run away. I don’t have the will to chase them down and arrange them in a way that’s presentable to my readers.  But one of my favorite bloggers does. I am grateful for her strength, that she can express so eloquently, what sadness and prayers and solemness feel like. It’s sad, and it’s raw. As raw as crying is. It hurts. But it will heal. And all will be well again. I know that God loves all his children, but has a special attachment to his littlest children. He would never lose them to this sort of evil darkness. He has a plan. And we can be happy knowing that. We are here with you. 


The Renegade Rulebook

I know my blog has been a bit heavy lately in terms of content, and while many who know me in person know this is the exact opposite of my personality in real life, I am not quite ready to depart from contemplation. I have debated not writing about this, not touching this subject. It is a subject that sent waves of terror through every parent in the country, and quite literally broke hearts across the world. In the last four days, friends from all around the globe reached out to express their sincere sympathies to a grieving country.

It is a subject that I do not know how to write about.

I don’t understand it.

For four days, I was at a total loss of words.  For four days, I sat numb on my couch, surrounded by a mound of damp tissues, and then my sleeve when the box…

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