DIY: Dye Toms

toms dye diy bleach

toms dye diy bleach

To start off, computers and the colors of their pixels aren’t perfect. You see what was my dilemma. I just wanted some dark orange Toms for sophmore year. Saw some on the Web, and bought them. Yes, yes, hasty choices never hasten success. They came in the mail and alas, scorched my eyeballs with their neon luster.

Okay, I’ll deal. Highlighter is in right now… heh heh. As long as I can dig up a shirt that could work in this circus-like ensemble… it’s all good! Right?

Wrong. They weren’t just highlighter, they were glow-in-the-dark and solar-powered. Walking to class was weird cause people thought I was “walkin’ on sunshine” or had “stepped in fluorescent sharpie vomit”.

I wanted to dye. DYE with a Y. Red in particular.

So again, turning to the internet, I found useful tools such as these…

… and was able to end up with a surprisingly more than favorable outcome. Any crafter’s dream. So THANK YOU Clarie 1490 on the You of Tubes and Homemade Ginger the blogger, you guys freakin’ rock.

And those of you who’s Toms are in need of a facelift, here ya go and enjoy. :)

Scrub hard and make sure to skip over the Toms Tags, “If you care about legitimacy and not looking like knock-offs”. [Via Claire 1490]

Let Dry in the sun (oh the irony) & Walah!

(Imagine a bathtub with faucet and BOX of gloves in the frame)

Saving the Sole. Painter’s tape is for adhesion and clear Duct is for waterproofing.

It mostly worked. Like… 82.7% in keeping dye off the leather but it kept the glue and sewing job intact which was the important part.

DUNK’N TIME!!!… for 30 mins stirring a little more than occasionally.


(That would be bad)

Toms dye red how to diy

dye shirt red

… and while you’re at it throw a cutsie white eh-okay t-shirt! That’s ingenuity right there.

Hakunamatata, YOLO my artsy-fartsy friends!


P.S. My beliefs on the word “YOLO” soon to come as well as DIY for   “Jansport-Patching” .


Copycats: Where’d our individuality go?

My brother came home from school yesterday, with a really cool tale.

His teacher, Mr Bluewood, shall we call him, was trying to quiet his hyper sixth graders when he said exasperatedly,

“When I was a kid… nobody was loud, we were all the same volume. Gosh, and we didn’t have any of those kids who couldn’t be quiet………  JOSH I’m talk’n about YOU!” (snickers from the class) Mr. Bluewood goes on, ” and kids didn’t copy each other.”

From somewhere that “helpful” kid popped in,

“Jake copies everything Devin wears!!!”

The whole class then notices these two are wearing the same Neff shirt. Mr. BLuewod folded his arms and demanded,

“Raise your hand if you wear Neff shirts”

My brother raised his hand, and looked around. About 13 other boys raised their hands proudly.

The teacher continues, “Then you boys are bums that copy each other, playing follow the leader….


It’s hilarious AND true!!!!

And these boys and their baby brands are just an example! We see throughout all of fashion, where people thrive off the brands. These people give in to the celebs, and play copycat off the runway.

Why does the fashion industry hold so much power over the civilized world? Why do people obsess over pricey cloth?

Please don’t derive that I’m scorning fashion. I love glitter and glitz man! I love looking cute! As a matter-a-fact, as I’m typing this my mom is watching Lisa Darrow’s “Top Model to Real Model”

Leah Darrow made it on to America’s Next Top Model, and after being cut, had a major conversion to God.

She says,

“A true fashionista uses fashion to make a statement, not her body!”

Fashion is a good thing! A beautiful tool even! To cover our bodies modestly and to give you that extra boost of confidence.

I even have a weak spot! I mean, Look at my theme!!!

<—————————————— !

But I don’t OBSESS over toms, or make them my life’s worth. I wear them as an accessory that I especially love! I know plenty of unique people who wear Toms!

But what happens when we fall into line, and “Sniff butts”, when we kill our uniqueness voluntarily. We start to covet, and look at clothing as a way to represent what we’re worth in dollar bills.

So please. Be an individual and make me happy. If it’s something you love, don’t be afraid to wear something nobody else would wear. Embrace your individuality!

So take a self inventory. Are you a copycat or a perfectly happy individual? A perfectly happy individual, I salute you. Then I’ll pray for you copycats. And for everybody else in the middle, all I ask is that you don’t fall into line…

Because sniffing butts is gross guys.