I think I like Oregon..

Yesterday Los Torrens arrived in Oregon in the Swag-mobile. Weird and a little strange because that's North, and our family doesn't really go north that often. South is Disneyland and East is everything else. Now, a family reunion brings us to Seattle for the first time... like ever.  It's exciting and so I guess that's… Continue reading I think I like Oregon..

Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

march madness pick ugh

My history teacher's a basketball buff. Today in class, he passed around a sheet along with a hat {the black silky kind, resembling that of Abe L} filled with slips of paper. On each was a college basketball team on the roster-thing for March Madness. The point of all this was to 1) have us… Continue reading Just Thinking About Colleges Tonight…

The Wonderful World of Homecoming: Part 2

Happy dance, throw down a Tebow, and then meme tears of joy... HOMECOMING IS OVER WITH BABY! After much stress, tears, and blood, the finished product came out looking like the average Sophomore work. (eh-okay) But hey, it's over! Who cares what place we get, we participated, got a little united and artsy, and had… Continue reading The Wonderful World of Homecoming: Part 2

I Left My Heart @ Camp Ritchie

sound of music mountains are big had

So last post, I was ready to leave for Girls Camp, and now I'm home and exhausted. Allow me to fill you in on the Oreo filling :) (Ah! Quickly before sleepy Sydney falls asleep on the couch!) We left in cars. I with my mommy and three friends. All crammed in our little civic… Continue reading I Left My Heart @ Camp Ritchie

Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

I've flown on a plane solo before.  The first time was out and back to Utah when I was twelve (unaccompanied minor), the second was home from Utah, and this time was out and back from Utah ONCE AGAIN. So many things rock out in Utah... including BYU's Volleyball Camp. I flew out a few… Continue reading Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

Guest Post from MonkeyBrother #1: Middle School Advice?

Hello everybody, it's brother #1.  I'm the awesome one in the family. Now you all know my sister from somewhere, I don't know, maybe because this is her blog.  I would also like to shout out a big "HI" to my grandpa, who is probably wondering what the heck is going on. A few days… Continue reading Guest Post from MonkeyBrother #1: Middle School Advice?

A Wise Señora Once Said…

"Cause that's the way I was brought up. You gotta treat all people the same, no matter what skin color... no matter what religion. They all got the same heart, ya know?" -Abuela O. (Envision with a faint, 76-year-old Tex-Mex accent) We just finished anatomy in Biology. Ever wondered exactly how you swallow? *Cough!*Peristalsis*Cough!*  Well… Continue reading A Wise Señora Once Said…

Do I look Tired?

Just got to school. It's a Wednesday, sleep in day, but the teacher's daughter gets to walk into class at 7:20... two hours before everybody else. I try to use this time efficiently (more so than my last post lol) and work on biology. Right now we're doing anatomy, which means kidney stones and urine. Grody to… Continue reading Do I look Tired?

Panning for Gold Like Fools.

The American River. Awesome right?  Oh yeah. And chock-full of gold. You know, the sparkly... sought-out kind, by 49ers, hilbillies, and a couple of elated history geeks with their kids? * * * A good omen perhaps?  * * * Kiddish elation. Let's call it sugar or the fact that it's 10:00 in the morning.… Continue reading Panning for Gold Like Fools.

Greatful for Turkey…

  Well since every other American blogger is posting the same thing today, here's something a little different. I LOVE GIVING THANKS! WHY? CAUSE I RE-REALIZE HOW BLESSED I AM, & GET TO EAT MASHED POATOES & TURKEY LEG & POMEGRANATE JELLO HEAVEN ... WHILE WATCHING MEN YELL AT MY TV. I AM SORRY BUT… Continue reading Greatful for Turkey…