And We Fished for Pearls

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High School Tech crew: A gang of kids everybody thinks are over-dramatic, under athletic, and good with a hammer. Personally, I joined cause I thought we’d be painting sets by now. And plus, when I can go before volleyball practice, it’s quite social. Over-dramatic kids are a blast to talk to! They also have sweet field trips.

That’s right, the Opera. The second after I mentioned it to my mother, the follow up question was not, “When is it?” or “How much does it cost?” but, “DO THEY NEED ANY CHAPERONES?!?!”

So my mother and I went to the opera. The Pearl Fishers. Click here for synopsis.

But it wasn’t just going to the Opera. Nay, it was but a tour of the layers of rooms and innards of the theatre, behind, below, and ABOVE. Catwalks baby, scary scary catwalks. I still don’t get all the technical talk about sandbag weights, pigs, and grids but that’s okay. I got to see one of the most drop dead gorgeous sets the artistic geniuses of this planet have ever constructed and change into fancy garb in the bathroom of a Homestyle-Chipotle Burrito joint.

Overall opinion of Operas, the plot lines always suck, the exquisite sets never fail to make you want to cry and so do the dang earth-rumbling vibratos.

Obviously pro opera critic here.

Please, enjoy the coming week lovely reader! For surely you will have earned some karma by reading my wittle baby blog!

The PhAAAAntom-esses of the Opera are here! -Aaat the Buritto Joint!


Ugh. School is 10 and a half hours away. And when I say “School” I really mean the start of four more weeks of toutureous torture leading up to finals. Our last final, and last day of school until the next break, is Friday December 23rd.
Whoever crazy-phyco-maniac on the school board who thought christmas break should start 2 days before CHRISTMAS… Should go work for juvie.

Well, I feel it’s appropriate now to… Break out my inner dramatica, and bid Vacation a proper farewell.

Oh sweet, sweet sleep. I am sorry but you must die now. Because starting tomorrow, you will be but a rare gem that I will rarely savour. Sleep, I sacrafice you now for my homework and books. For my essays and my grade… (that gives me a roof over my head, and an allowance in my pocket). For four straight weeks we will be apart… Till the jovial day of freedom and rest doth return >cough cough< on Dec 23rd.

Vacation and sleep I bid you farewell… and will never forget you as I step now again into the firery pits of High School.

Vacation, I'll miss you. And sleep, I hope to see you soon.


Landon lost his first tooth cutest thing ever I'll post pics REAL soon!!! (promise)