21 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

This morning, just a few seconds after waking up, immediately rolled over to my charging phone and proceeded to do what I do every morning; check for new snap chats, Instagram likes, Facebook messages, followers on vine, retweets on twitter, and maybe even a couple notes on tumblr. Then I got up, had some human contact with the fam bam and then went back to it, and the pattern will probably continue throughout the weekend and in between the wee hours in school and between homework assignments. Safe to say, I spend at least a quarter of my day interacting on social media, and I’m sure this isn’t far from other kids my age. So instead of using the virtual world as a cure for boredom, here are some alternative things to do instead you may never have thought of. 


1.  Visit your local library


2.   Open one of your mom’s cookbooks and attempt to cook. Remember that failure is always okay.


3.   Paint something (I’m giving up on you)


4.   Write a letter to a distant family member. Include stickers,  glitter, candy if wanted.


5.  Plan a “Super Date” around town. Set aside a couple of   hours to do some service, a scavenger hunt, and maybe even a picnic on a hill. Don’t forget the bikes.


6.   Research charities you can relate to or share a cause you have a passion for and donate your time/money/old toys.


7.   Blow the dust off an old board game.


8.   Go swimming if it’s hot, skating if it’s cold. (Or you know switch it up or combine if you like das cool)

9.   Call grandma and just check in.

10. Go window shopping downtown and don’t buy a thing.


11.   Give a sibling some special attention

12.   Study a globe or a map of the area you live 

13.  Read those books you got from the library

14.  Go to the gym

15.   Write in a Journal

16.  Give yourself a mini payday by gathering up loose change around the house and take it to the bank


17.   Map out your future according to long term goals you’ve had


18.  Go through your parents old CD’s and listen for sounds you might like


19.  Record daily life using the same awkward hand technique as this here fellow photographer


20. Go throwback thursday shopping (yes thats bebe joto)


21. Make Lemonade/Orange Juice and then sell it on the corner. Proceeds to a charity maybe? But hey if you need it to pay off iTunes debts we’re not judging)


Or then there’s this… you could definitely do this. Unless you’re bald or have lice. I’m sorry but that’s just not good.


Pictures are from tumblr or mine. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you all have an unusually wonderful monday. 


DIY: Backpack Pocket Stitch!

sydneyjoto, backpack, diy

To all my fellow students who want to give their trusty backpacks a fresh new look (and extend it’s life span), this DIY is for you. The silly annual backpack replacement must DIE.

So here. Find a good big piece of patterned fabric you really like. Anything works, lacey, sheer, even corduroy.

**For the ladies: All four times I’ve done this, old well-loved skirts seem to fit the bill pretty well.

**For the boys: With permission, cut up someone’s old hawaiian shirt or thrift one for the cost of dirt for a particularly hipster look

Here’s how you do it ↓↓↓↓↓↓

IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8559 IMG_8563 IMG_8570


sydneyjoto, backpack, diy

Enjoy guys and Happy September!



I’m Alive I’m Alive I’m Alive!!!

That’s right. And it’s gonna stay that way!

Film, Art, Spanish 3… looks like it’s gonna be a great year. Also, I’m gonna make it a point to be blogging every wednesday morning because the teacher’s kid has some extra time while everybody else is sleeping in :)
So here are some pictures of the last few days that either made it to Instagram or were honorable mentions.
lockers cute locker ideas decorating locker diy pintrest sydneyjotoFriend’s matching lockers deserve an award. Seriously.
My little ponies were on my physics table. Day made.
Missed my luvie <3
beautiful landscape alaska wordpress sydneyjoto
Favorite Bio teacher went to Alaska this summer… ahh now I want to go more than ever.
From my run after school that first day. The clouds were just as happy as I was :)
From our last day together. Have a blast at Reno N! xox

Coming soon: A reallly cool DIY to deck out your backpack

How to Be a Gluestick

It’s been tender times here at my high school. Ever since the saddest week of my life, people have been a little more loving and mindful to each other. But it’s also been a month and we are forgetful teenagers. Slowly, people are noticing that we’re returning to our old social stacking and silently lambasting ways. People say we should do something, but those same people continue to socially stack up and lambast. I’m sorry to say that SydneyJoTo is not exception. Commuting home one day with a troubled mind, she also got talking to her Dad about this. The words, “stick” kept coming up; like as in Glue.

That’s where Instagram comes in. SydneyJoTo went home and photo-edited a little something that she hoped would get people thinking. She put it somewhere she hoped lots of teenagers would see, just not the ones that she would see at school the next day. Not yet at least.

elmer's glue stick pink kindness love instagram instalove listen

This was a few days ago, but it came up again today. There is a love recession not just among teenagers, but among the world. And there’s an easy solution that costs zero dollars.


That’s right hun.

via bay you belles

And as I’m writing this, that finger’s pointing at the center of my face and  I know I have to not only share this, but live this. This = being randomly nice not just to the funny or the cute kids. But to the kids who really need it the most. Let’s keep our eyes peeled guys.

DIY: Dye Toms

toms dye diy bleach

toms dye diy bleach

To start off, computers and the colors of their pixels aren’t perfect. You see what was my dilemma. I just wanted some dark orange Toms for sophmore year. Saw some on the Web, and bought them. Yes, yes, hasty choices never hasten success. They came in the mail and alas, scorched my eyeballs with their neon luster.

Okay, I’ll deal. Highlighter is in right now… heh heh. As long as I can dig up a shirt that could work in this circus-like ensemble… it’s all good! Right?

Wrong. They weren’t just highlighter, they were glow-in-the-dark and solar-powered. Walking to class was weird cause people thought I was “walkin’ on sunshine” or had “stepped in fluorescent sharpie vomit”.

I wanted to dye. DYE with a Y. Red in particular.

So again, turning to the internet, I found useful tools such as these…

… and was able to end up with a surprisingly more than favorable outcome. Any crafter’s dream. So THANK YOU Clarie 1490 on the You of Tubes and Homemade Ginger the blogger, you guys freakin’ rock.

And those of you who’s Toms are in need of a facelift, here ya go and enjoy. :)

Scrub hard and make sure to skip over the Toms Tags, “If you care about legitimacy and not looking like knock-offs”. [Via Claire 1490]

Let Dry in the sun (oh the irony) & Walah!

(Imagine a bathtub with faucet and BOX of gloves in the frame)

Saving the Sole. Painter’s tape is for adhesion and clear Duct is for waterproofing.

It mostly worked. Like… 82.7% in keeping dye off the leather but it kept the glue and sewing job intact which was the important part.

DUNK’N TIME!!!… for 30 mins stirring a little more than occasionally.


(That would be bad)

Toms dye red how to diy

dye shirt red

… and while you’re at it throw a cutsie white eh-okay t-shirt! That’s ingenuity right there.

Hakunamatata, YOLO my artsy-fartsy friends!


P.S. My beliefs on the word “YOLO” soon to come as well as DIY for   “Jansport-Patching” .