And so begins March

hello, how's it goin? (That's me btw ↘) March is my fave month. And this march started off with the Oscars where right off the bat, we fell in love with this couple: ...But especially fell in love with her And after doing some googling... found that Lupita Nyong'o is a truly remarkable human being… Continue reading And so begins March

The “I Passed My Permit Test” Dance

... this is how it's done. (Thanks Miley) The big day commenced as such: Madre picked me up in the getaway minivan two seconds after school got out Friday. We pulled into the DMV twenty minutes early to our appointment and waited in line with the following in hand: • Birth Certificate • SS Card… Continue reading The “I Passed My Permit Test” Dance

My Theme Song

To step off the deep end, music is an awesome entity. Already, musical instruments are an amazing gift we have here in the world, but then we have songs. Arrangements of musical phrases designed for every kind of people and mood. So therefore, everyone has a theme song. Maybe you have or haven't found it… Continue reading My Theme Song

Zumba: The new Chicken Dance

ZOOM•baThe word Zumba literally means fun and dancing in cambodian. It's a mixture of red hot latino music, with an amazing ab rocking workout.All it rquires is a Wii and neon yoga pants at 4 in the morning where not a soul will witness your sweet booty-shaking latino moves.I reccomend Zumba to all reading this… Continue reading Zumba: The new Chicken Dance