How to Be a Gluestick

It’s been tender times here at my high school. Ever since the saddest week of my life, people have been a little more loving and mindful to each other. But it’s also been a month and we are forgetful teenagers. Slowly, people are noticing that we’re returning to our old social stacking and silently lambasting ways. People say we should do something, but those same people continue to socially stack up and lambast. I’m sorry to say that SydneyJoTo is not exception. Commuting home one day with a troubled mind, she also got talking to her Dad about this. The words, “stick” kept coming up; like as in Glue.

That’s where Instagram comes in. SydneyJoTo went home and photo-edited a little something that she hoped would get people thinking. She put it somewhere she hoped lots of teenagers would see, just not the ones that she would see at school the next day. Not yet at least.

elmer's glue stick pink kindness love instagram instalove listen

This was a few days ago, but it came up again today. There is a love recession not just among teenagers, but among the world. And there’s an easy solution that costs zero dollars.


That’s right hun.

via bay you belles

And as I’m writing this, that finger’s pointing at the center of my face and  I know I have to not only share this, but live this. This = being randomly nice not just to the funny or the cute kids. But to the kids who really need it the most. Let’s keep our eyes peeled guys.