The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

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After I graduated High School I started to question why anything was really important at all.   Any of these things may have included: Celebrities in the Media. Why do people play into the hands of big-name celebs who are obviously stipulating for attention? e.g. Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump . I still don't get it. Employment nowadays. I'm sitting… Continue reading The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

Night-Time Epiphanies

Hit the Regina Spektor Radio on Spotify, pop over to WordPress, "New Post". I got words today man! Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up Hey this fire It's burning Burning us up The fire of words baby! I swear they're eating at my soul this day and unless I pour them out on… Continue reading Night-Time Epiphanies

I Left My Heart @ Camp Ritchie

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So last post, I was ready to leave for Girls Camp, and now I'm home and exhausted. Allow me to fill you in on the Oreo filling :) (Ah! Quickly before sleepy Sydney falls asleep on the couch!) We left in cars. I with my mommy and three friends. All crammed in our little civic… Continue reading I Left My Heart @ Camp Ritchie

The night before GIRLS CAMP!!!

"Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end- the middle's the most important. Think of... an Oreo cookie! Right now we are in the middle of our lives, and this is the time that matters most. We'll get to camp tomorrow, and we'll leave on Saturday. It's up to YOU what you do with… Continue reading The night before GIRLS CAMP!!!

A Wise Señora Once Said…

"Cause that's the way I was brought up. You gotta treat all people the same, no matter what skin color... no matter what religion. They all got the same heart, ya know?" -Abuela O. (Envision with a faint, 76-year-old Tex-Mex accent) We just finished anatomy in Biology. Ever wondered exactly how you swallow? *Cough!*Peristalsis*Cough!*  Well… Continue reading A Wise Señora Once Said…

Seminary Comes to an End

Oh Friday afternoon. It's  a breeze of cool, clean air purified from any tests, quizzes, or status-quos.  Viernes, un dia buenisima. But this year of seminary was even better. What's LDS Seminary like? Well, let me show ya. First it's cold and dark. There you have it. A glimpse into the sleepy, spiritual, and chatty world… Continue reading Seminary Comes to an End

Do I look Tired?

Just got to school. It's a Wednesday, sleep in day, but the teacher's daughter gets to walk into class at 7:20... two hours before everybody else. I try to use this time efficiently (more so than my last post lol) and work on biology. Right now we're doing anatomy, which means kidney stones and urine. Grody to… Continue reading Do I look Tired?

Jammie Church- April 2012

Jammie Church. Exactly what it sounds like. Wake up, grab a blanket, curl up on the couch by your brothers and watch church on T.V. while your dad's deep fries some cheese puffs on the stove. Yupp just a little piece of heaven. Every six months we have church in our living room, in our… Continue reading Jammie Church- April 2012