The Wonderful World of Homecoming: Part I

where the wild things are book dance rumpus

It really did feel like October just now as I came home from Babysitting. The air is poking freezing in the shoulder, and I could see my breath as I said goodbye to the mother who drove me home. And now, there’s a post coming on tonight!

Man, I love kids. Little munchkins hold a special place in my heart, even when they’re throwing random objects at you of varying weights and sharpness. But it’s fun being around them because they haven’t lost the art of simplicity. Little humans’ only cares are dinner, dessert, potty, and which movie to watch before bedtime. That all. And then they’re tucked in, they suck their thumbs and ask for another story. You turn the lights off, close the door, and…

The parents come home. Then they hand over the cash (or check) and drive you home.

But tonight, it was pay enough to be around those sweet little darlings. All week, I am surrounded by crazy Wild Things called teenagers. Babysitting kids brings you back down to a place where sweet simplicity resides, and it’s wonderfully refreshing. Sadly though, you must return to the island called High School on Monday, where The Wild Things are  preparing for the Wild Rumpus (aka Homecoming).

where the wild things are book dance rumpus
All hail the Homecoming King!

You smile though, because you realize that you’re not the unique and long-awaited king-of-all Wild Things, but rather, just another Wild Thing yourself and you might as well enjoy being one while it lasts. 

(So you volunteer to be in charge of decorations and you’ll blog about it all next week.)


Popcorn and Lemonade

Summer days are supposed to be long and filled with antics. From pitching a half-empty bag of marshmallows  back-and-forth across the street to bringing up pillows to the roof to making an epic home video of cops and robbers utilizing all of your kid-neighbors. I’m exhausted. Also, Home Videos rock, so we made one. Two weeks until volleyball camp.

Idea for this home video came from two ten-year-olds. Nothing fancy, just a little imagination and iMovie. Expect more.