The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

After I graduated High School I started to question why anything was really important at all.   Any of these things may have included: Celebrities in the Media. Why do people play into the hands of big-name celebs who are obviously stipulating for attention? e.g. Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump . I still don’t get it. Employment nowadays. I’m sitting…… Continue reading The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

America’s Youth: Famous and Not

America’s youth has not gone down the drain. Put a sock in it Wall-Street. You want an accurate report on how America’s Young-un’s are fairing? Take a look at Hollywood. Because America’s youth follows Hollywood like a love-sick puppy dog. Generally speaking, we follow fashions, whether they be innocent or Lady Gaga-ish. Actually not generally……… Continue reading America’s Youth: Famous and Not