What Sandwich Summer Taught Me

This summer has been the best yet. Hands down, without question.

And I would say it’s because it’s been a summer full of firsts.

First drive alone with a license, first time trying crocodile, first time to Washington, and first boy :)

In case you’re wondering, I’m not nervous for Junior year to begin tomorrow.. not at all. Rather, just sad to turn the page on the sandwich summer, and letting my fingers dwindle on the corner of the paper. If only we could pause the clock and savour a little longer.. mm I’m sure we’ve all thought that.

If life had a pause button, when is a time when you would have used it?

Feel free to answer that question, I’d love to read your answers.

Maybe this whole post is my inadvertent attempt to delay tomorrow, to cling to these sunny days of yesterday for a little longer.

Oh well :)

But if there’s any lesson to take away from summer 2013 going into the 2013-2014 school year, it’s that well, humans have happy batteries.

I’ve found that going somewhere beautiful, or doing something wonderful with someone or for someone, is something that get’s added to a person’s “happy battery” shall we call it. Sometimes, people forget they’ve got these batteries. And so, I’ve found that for me personally, doing things that suck is much easier when one uses the energy from that happy battery. An example:

I went on a really awesome daytrip to the beach a few weeks ago with that really awesome boy. Awesome right? Then I found out I would be getting my first blood test later that week. (Mm, another first). Needles and blood and doctors offices. **Ew. But going into that blood test was so much easier when I could close my eyes and remember that cloudy afternoon holding hands and taking pictures of seals. Those memories made me legitimately cheerful as I sat down on that pristine white chai knowing that it was all going to be okay. And it totally was.


The lesson today dear reader, is that when life makes you drink lemon juice, use your imagination and remember what lemonade tastes like. Cause ¬†you won’t pucker as much. And if you’ve never had lemonade before, I suggest you try it. It’s delicious.

And a Merry Start of School to all you studious students out there and everywhere!!

Up and Coming: What it’s like to have your dad as a teacher.