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Silly Sparrow

This morning, I heard a squeal. So I ran to the back of the house… Which was where my mom stood in the preschool. (Yes… we have a preschool attatched to our house.) I guess my mom had left the back door open and a BIG FAT sparrow… (And clearly confused) had flown into the catapillar room… And kept trying to fly through the WINDOW. (stuuupid) It just kept smacking the glass, and I could hear little grunts of frustration. Well instead of helping my mom whistle to it in birdie language, trying to lure him out the door again, I BOOKED IT DOWN THE HALLWAY to get my camera before It got away.
By the time I got back it had hidden from my mom behind a drum in the corner. Sadly, There was no way I was gonna get that picture so I put down the camera with a sigh and joined my mom the bird whisperer. Then I had a lightbulb go off.
I….. RAN AROUND THE HOUSE behind the door that was behind the birdie, BANGED on the door, and I heard my mom’s shout of triumph. (And in the backyard Mr. Birdie singing “I Will Survive” -Gloria Gaynor)

Well now Mr. Birdie’s got the whole wide world to explore… And crash into. Even though I COULD’ve kept him… As a really COOL pet…….. I didn’t.

Cause my mamma taught be to be a good Samaratan. Or a good animal rights activist…. person.

Moral of the story is… Well I don’t know because there’s about 500 analogies you could make with that so I’ll let you pick one! :)

Recap: Stupid Bird crash lands on planet catepillar, and Is kindly released by moi. Birdie fly away never to crash again. (Hopefully)

VOLLEYBALL!!! (the horror??)

     So. Volleyball try-outs were today. Scary stuff :{ I’ve been practicing all summer… in my backyard. Not very effective. BUT, today my dad brought me to our church gym, and we set up the net, and had probably the best practice of my entire life. And not a soul was there except for my dad… and Landon. But he was playing with toys in the corner the whole time so he doesn’t count.

     Anyway, I stayed in shorts the whole day… couldn’t stop  thinking about try-outs. I’d been to open gym once before so I somewhat knew the coach… but what would the girls be like?

     I was pleasantly surprised when I got there early, made a friend, went inside, warmed up, and did pretty darn GOOD!!!

     So the moral of the story is just when you’re at your lowest point, and you think that no matter how many times you practice that overhand serve, or that measure, or that pass, or… ANYTHING!.. practice one more time, and give it your all. Trust me… I KNOW.


I’m in Love with Camp Ritchie!

“Let the mountains shout for joy, and all ye valleys cry aloud; and all ye seas and dry lands tell the wonders of your Eternal King! . . . Let the woods and all the trees of the field praise the Lord; and ye solid rocks weep for joy!” —Doctrine and Covenants 128:23

This scripture perfectly describes this past week in which I had the AMAZING experience of going to Mormon Girls Camp. :)
Camp is an outdoor experience for young women ages 12 to 18. It gives these young women opportunities to:

•Draw closer to Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ
•Feel the influence of the Spirit.
•Serve others.
•Build friendships and unity
•Learn outdoor skills.
•Appreciate God’s creations.
•Have fun!

“Camp is essential to the Young Women program. Camp is significant in strengthening young women’s testimonies and is an experience to build upon all year. Camp is challenging but it is worth it!”
-Young Women Camp Manual
All of us wimpy girly girls got to spend a week wothout cell phones and facebook, but with massive mountains, a freaking LAKE, and some of the most amazing leaders, this church has to offer. And THATS
saying something :)


“What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!” ~Logan Pearsall Smith

At camp ritchie, the makeup, the blow- dryers, the hair product, the glitz is left at home, and girls get to watch the sun rise and set. It is like NO other place on earth.

I know my character has improved this past week, And my muscles are twice as large. Yes!!! We are required to rock climb, rappell (same thing?), and try out the wooden climbing wall with the rainbow plastic nubs that are IMPOSSIBLE to grip. There’s a lake swim in the morning for all of the brave children, (which I am NOT) and the food. “OH FOOD! Glorious FOOD! Wonderful FOOD!”… Is a little slice of homeade heaven. Yum!

In short, (not really this is a long post)



Summer’s On it’s Deathbed

It seems just last week I was on stage, calling off the winner of the “Block H” award, in my gown, looking out into a sea of blue- swaddled teens, and a crowd of proud parents with blow-horns and flower leis, taking a million pictures… the final “and I give you, your 8th grade class of 2011!” . And that was it.

Two years of crap-fest over and freedom bells chiming, we yelled and whooped and hollered, not for school to end but for summer to be born. Nobody held a worry for the next scary school years to come, no. They cheered for YOU summer, and your birth.

Now here you are… dying. I savour every hour of boredom, every minute of laziness, and every second of unforgettable fun. The memories you handed to me, the millions of laughs we had… thank you for the tan, the sprinklers and the HEAT! Thank you because we loved it all…