Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter

Dear You, Two thousand and fifteen. Have you also felt that the fifteen makes it seem better? Something about that odd number, is has something that 2014 lacked. Something inside me makes me want to say it’s more than just another year, more than a page turn. There’s a voice in my head that whispers promises…… Continue reading Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter

On College Essays and Lorde

She came out wearing genie pants probably concocted and designed by Coco Chanel herself in the ’60’s. Her mane was the manifestation of a New-Zelander Merida. Her smile lines made me melt. The bruises and shin splints from standing so long in the mosh-pit were worth it, cause we got these: This will all probably…… Continue reading On College Essays and Lorde

Feminist Film Camp

A few weeks ago I sat down with my college counselor for about the fourth time and something weird happened. She looked me in the eye, and without hesitation or a shadow of doubt, said that she had a good idea about what she wanted me to do in college. As in major and minor.…… Continue reading Feminist Film Camp

Angels, Cellos, and Corsages

You’d think second semester Junior Year would be a little more arduous, and maybe it is and we’re just numb to it. But the last few months have seemed the opposite and I know that’s a blessing, or maybe just the pleasant calm before the storm that is finals. Whatever the last month or so…… Continue reading Angels, Cellos, and Corsages

And so begins March

hello, how’s it goin? (That’s me btw ↘) March is my fave month. And this march started off with the Oscars where right off the bat, we fell in love with this couple: …But especially fell in love with her And after doing some googling… found that Lupita Nyong’o is a truly remarkable human being…… Continue reading And so begins March

21 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

This morning, just a few seconds after waking up, immediately rolled over to my charging phone and proceeded to do what I do every morning; check for new snap chats, Instagram likes, Facebook messages, followers on vine, retweets on twitter, and maybe even a couple notes on tumblr. Then I got up, had some human…… Continue reading 21 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

A Message to the Popular Folks

I swear I’d never do this, but webster’s dictionary defines the word “popular” as, “liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people”. To all you popular folks, for goodness sakes, I wish you’d all stop being so cliché by blowing that definition cause I’m about to pop it. The “popular crowd” (ugh I’m so sorry) stereoypically…… Continue reading A Message to the Popular Folks