Meet Shannon– My Reproductive Syndrome

This has been the longest, most painstakingly drawn-out summer of my life. Right now I’m sitting with a mug full of hot tea on a brisk day near the middle of September with two weeks until my first day of classes and not a whole lot to show for it. Actually I take it back. I went a…… Continue reading Meet Shannon– My Reproductive Syndrome

The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

After I graduated High School I started to question why anything was really important at all.   Any of these things may have included: Celebrities in the Media. Why do people play into the hands of big-name celebs who are obviously stipulating for attention? e.g. Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump . I still don’t get it. Employment nowadays. I’m sitting…… Continue reading The Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning

Go See “Inside Out”

 I have one proposition for you all.  That is, that the next movie you see in theaters will be “Inside Out” and you will tote with you anyone willing and capable of feeling emotions. Anyone. (Just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s just for the kids). In fact, the concept is an intensely…… Continue reading Go See “Inside Out”

Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter

Dear You, Two thousand and fifteen. Have you also felt that the fifteen makes it seem better? Something about that odd number, is has something that 2014 lacked. Something inside me makes me want to say it’s more than just another year, more than a page turn. There’s a voice in my head that whispers promises…… Continue reading Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter

On College Essays and Lorde

She came out wearing genie pants probably concocted and designed by Coco Chanel herself in the ’60’s. Her mane was the manifestation of a New-Zelander Merida. Her smile lines made me melt. The bruises and shin splints from standing so long in the mosh-pit were worth it, cause we got these: This will all probably…… Continue reading On College Essays and Lorde

Angels, Cellos, and Corsages

You’d think second semester Junior Year would be a little more arduous, and maybe it is and we’re just numb to it. But the last few months have seemed the opposite and I know that’s a blessing, or maybe just the pleasant calm before the storm that is finals. Whatever the last month or so…… Continue reading Angels, Cellos, and Corsages