Bays, Biology, and Pygmy Bisons

Okay guys. This one is so important, I haven’t even taken a real shower yet… sitting here in my grimy travel clothes to get some important thoughts out. Let me tell you about a little camp, on a little bay, on a little side, of a medium-sized island, off of a big state called California. Lost yet? It’s the Catalina…… Continue reading Bays, Biology, and Pygmy Bisons

Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

I’ve flown on a plane solo before.  The first time was out and back to Utah when I was twelve (unaccompanied minor), the second was home from Utah, and this time was out and back from Utah ONCE AGAIN. So many things rock out in Utah… including BYU’s Volleyball Camp. I flew out a few…… Continue reading Utah Trip… pronounced “Yewtah Chripp”

Popcorn and Lemonade

Summer days are supposed to be long and filled with antics. From pitching a half-empty bag of marshmallows  back-and-forth across the street to bringing up pillows to the roof to making an epic home video of cops and robbers utilizing all of your kid-neighbors. I’m exhausted. Also, Home Videos rock, so we made one. Two…… Continue reading Popcorn and Lemonade

Camping @ Hendy Woods (Hillbillies & Hippies)

See the Mistake? Apperantly you’re a hillbilly if you can’t. This post is a week overdue lovelies, sorry about that. Well part two of the California trip was fun. Down and dirty fun not the classy kind of fun that happened during part 1. We camped down the road from weed-town (and not the dandelion…… Continue reading Camping @ Hendy Woods (Hillbillies & Hippies)

Graduation in the Desert

So this would be part one of my (cheater) west coast tour. Two missions to complete. One down, one to go, both on opposite ends of cali. Well, not quite. Mission one was in fuchsia. Go to socal, (the desert), attend a graduation and return home in one peice. Mission two has yet to be…… Continue reading Graduation in the Desert

Panning for Gold Like Fools.

The American River. Awesome right?  Oh yeah. And chock-full of gold. You know, the sparkly… sought-out kind, by 49ers, hilbillies, and a couple of elated history geeks with their kids? * * * A good omen perhaps?  * * * Kiddish elation. Let’s call it sugar or the fact that it’s 10:00 in the morning.…… Continue reading Panning for Gold Like Fools.