Mrs… what?

Renaissance Lady a woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many things (maaybe too many things).

I always get stumped on these pages. What do you dear reader, really need to know about me? I’m 23 going on 55, and I’ve always felt that way since I was 5. My pronouns are she/her and I’m married to Mr. Renaissance Lady and he’s an artist too. Our adopted New Zealand Dwarf rabbit named Iggy looks like Bernie Sanders but acts like Billy Eichner and may sometimes be featured on this blog just cause animal content > everything else. If at any point my blog gives you any impression that my life is “together”, I have gravely misled you and I deeply apologize. My goal here is to try to piece together small truths that have given me comfort, guidance, and joy during this bizarre journey; and spin words into meaning that I feel could help do the same for others. In no way do I have anything together. Hot take: I don’t think anyone does.

“I AM A…” therefore here are the topics you may find on this blog
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Oil Painter
  • Doodlist
  • Hype girl to all
  • Screenwriter
  • Future Pilot
  • Baker
  • Video Producer
  • Collector of Crowdsourced Therapy and Mental Health Resources
  • GIANT book, film, tv nerd.

Sydney ready for takeoff in plane

Left: Fun fact: My arms are in the 90th percentile for length. And yet, sadly the WNBA has never called me. But plus side, I’m always the one who gets to take the selfie.

Top right: We met at a Renaissance Fair. Jk ;) it was on a dating app. More on that later I promise.