The Welcome Mat


Hello. My name is Sydney.

Other essential information regarding my identity can be found here:

  • Not Australian (sadly)
  • 5’something and a emeny to all things, spelling and grammar
  • I have an irrational fear of Kanye West and cats
  • Once when I was seven I wrestled a goat at a petting zoo. Goat won.
  • My favorite color is “Netflix Logo Crimson”
  • I appreciate the innocent endeavors of dogs and children more than any normal person should.
  • Pop culture/fashion/moral Icons Include:  Barb Holland, Poussey Washington, Brittany Howard, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Elizabeth Gilbert, Winston Bishop, Frida Kahlo, Amélie Poulain, & Tina Belcher (subject to change)

I started this blog as a freshman in High School because I expected I would need a platform to showcase the inevitable stories and valuable lessons from my adolescent years. My stilted crusade on adolescence  has since evolved into a crusade on adulthood, although if I’m being honest, it’s all confusingly familiar territory.

Whether you came here looking for entertainment, amateur photography, pretentious advice, a friend, or  if you’re here by freak accident… I’m thankful for your time dear reader and I hope you invested wisely.

Don’t forget to wipe your feet.




29 thoughts on “The Welcome Mat

    1. Thank You! This means a lot to me… you taking the time to stop by. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there with a passion for teenagers. You’re a rare species indeed :)

  1. Hey :) I’m really happy i found your blog because its really creative and keeps me wanting to read it! Plus its a teenage blog that i have been trying to find! I have also written a teen blog mind checking it out :) Thanks xx

      1. Thanks! Not long, i have just started about 2 weeks ago in fact i’m looking to post alot more stuff, trying to get more viewers as well any tips?

      2. YES! Write a.o.a.p. (often) and read keep discovering kindred blogs to yours. Like, Comment, and Follow like a banshee. Make some blogging friends and you’ll be more than fine :)

      1. So first you need to start with some color. Go out and take pretty pictures until you find something suitable for your blog (make sure you REALLY like it) then I would change your theme to something that allows a backround picture. Once you’ve plugged in your picture and your blog’s starting to look cute, use the same picture you started with for this tutorial on buttons so they’re all matchy-matchy…

        Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to pop on by here anytime.

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