Bringing Heaven Home

In an interview Brett Dennen did with Billboard a few years ago he made a comment about the inspiration for this song that’s always stuck with me. He said that most people think of “Heaven” an ode to just that, when really it’s a song exploring what would happen if we tried to recreate the conditions we expect to have in the afterlife– here on earth today. A world without injustice, classification, corruption etc.
Undoubtedly, we’ve read more dark headlines this week than anyone should ever have to. So I’d urge you to have a listen if you’re feeling angry, tired, scared, or down with all that’s been circulating… as we are all victims when one of us suffers.   In the dark, let us behave in a way that opens the blinds and lets the light in again, at least in the small rooms and doorways in which we reside. Let us love, let us be kind, and let us never forget.

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