Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter

Dear You,
Two thousand and fifteen. Have you also felt that the fifteen makes it seem better? Something about that odd number, is has something that 2014 lacked. Something inside me makes me want to say it’s more than just another year, more than a page turn.
There’s a voice in my head that whispers promises of a year more incredible than last, and I’m curious to see who else hears it. That’s all, hope that you dear reader, wherever in the world you are, have a safe and relaxed holiday. Take time for yourself and enjoy these last few minutes of 2014.

1 thought on “Page 365 of 365, A Happy New Years Letter”

  1. God Bless you, Sydney! Your future is so bright and I’m excited to follow your journey! Don’t forget that the door is always open in Connecticut!
    Love…Aunt Carol

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