A Message to the Popular Folks

I swear I’d never do this, but webster’s dictionary defines the word “popular” as, “liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people”.
To all you popular folks, for goodness sakes, I wish you’d all stop being so cliché by blowing that definition cause I’m about to pop it.

The “popular crowd” (ugh I’m so sorry) stereoypically  includes those who are, unique, exclusive, and seemingly happy and perfectly content.. Chances are there is zero chance you dear reader have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s real and it’s the unavoidable side effect of the high school experience.

And the cool thing is, with as many negative connotations as the world might put with those that are popular, that power they have can do some real good. So stop looking through your toilet paper periscope as you walk to class. Take a look around and look for people who need a little love. I promise you they’re there. It means even more coming from someone who seems to have earned so much of it themselves.
Checking yourself though, that first step’s tough. But here’s why you gotta do it:
Kids doubt that the exclusive kids are normal humans, and then so tend to over-think; “How do I get cool? Is there something wrong with me? How come I can’t have as much fun as they can? Do they hate me? Am I not pretty enough for them? I’m not original, I’m boring. I get it. Oh well I’ll just up old, ugly, and alone no big deal”. (Thoughts I have had personally)
So they begin to judge themselves according to your silence.
Seriously though, come back down to earth you guys. ‘Cause there are some really cool people down here, they’re just not as loud as you might be used to. Say something nice to that kid who you pass papers back to in math. Compliment his shoes, his hair. Ask if he went to the football game friday night. Start a conversation with the people waiting around the door before the bell rings. Be accepting of everyone and what everyone has to say. I promise if you make the effort to jump the box, when that kid’s mom asks how school was, they’ll be able to smile and say “really good”. Because the memory of that nice conversation with you will pop up. They’ll say it was really good because you helped ease the burden of adolescence a little by showing a little love and reminded them of their importance on this big scary planet.

If you ever need someone to talk to, message me on tumblr. Or if you’re ever in need of a mindless stress reliever,
come join the teen cult there, we’ll take care of you with our relatable texts posts and amazing gifs :)

Have a mathematical day.

-Sydney Jo


1 thought on “A Message to the Popular Folks”

  1. I new a guy once who was nice to everyone in his school. It didn’t matter which crowd or clique they were in or not in, he was nice to them, He smiled and joked with everyone. He aimed his attentions at the mass of students in his school thinking, I suppose, I am one of them and they are part of me. Because everyone knew him and liked him and because he wasn’t part of any special group, he was elected Senior Class President. Smiling, joking, careing were his trademarks. Today, he’s a school teacher with a wonderful wife four kids. To this day, he is so humble, he really has no idea what a special man he is,

    Your post suggests that kids in your school open the door of friendship and invite others into their worlds, My story is about what happens when you do, GPa


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