Driving is Draining

The creative writing section of my brain has been really dry for a few weeks now.

I blame not School, but driving. I’m driving now (with the accompaniment of an adult) but doing this mundane and sometimes frustrating task has sucked my creative teen juices dry, and has left me feeling more like a boring adult than ever. Yup, I think I skipped the normal teen reaction to driving a vehicle on the open road:

excited boy tumblr redhead drivers license yeahhh

……and am instead this:

bored in the car gif

G’day fellow drivers and creative people!

(Question my theory in the comment box below)


3 thoughts on “Driving is Draining”

  1. Actually.. I couldn’t agree more. I was VERY excited to drive. But something almost clicks in your brain that you are no longer a child! Kind of scary growing up… Love ya! :X


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