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Shortest Horror Story- School Tomorrow

Gosh it’s been a great break. Extremely long and full of good things like chocolate and fireplaces. Gorgeous memories with friends and family. It was all I could have asked for. Then suddenly, all the teens in America woke up this morning with the crappiest feeling.

School tomorrow.

ew, blech, i'm gonna barf, school tomorrow, pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow tongue blech

The wonderful amounts of sleep and food we’ve been getting are soon to be forgotten when we go back to the Zoo called High School. Remember? That awful place growing on mountains of books and crawling with fire-breathing teachers handing out assignment after assignment, not to mention the other kids battling for survival along with you.

Ice cream calms the nerves.

Ice Cream is a comfort... It really is
“Eating Ben and Jerry’s eternally gives me brain freeze!”

Here’s the ray of sunshine people. Nicki Phillipi, this neat chick-Vlogger who I follow on the Tube of  You, has some general tips on how to be happy. Something I feel like is important to remember when crawling back into the Jungle/Zoo.

The Gist of How to Be Happy

By Nikki Phillipi

• Exercise

• Eat right

• Take care of yourself (hygiene)

• Express yourself

• Maintain a clean and happy environment

• Let your blessings flow

• Love other people

• Keep growing

And a line that I especially like and that I’ve been thinking a lot about IS, “Don’t get sucked into your own vortex”


That’s positive social media right there guys.

So when life feels like a Jungle, remember how to be happy. It’s more than possible :)

(Inspirational picture of a Macaw)

macaw, happy, inspirational, macaw on perch, san fansisco zoo
“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone” :)

2 thoughts on “Shortest Horror Story- School Tomorrow”

  1. Oh there is nothing like the smell of a fresh school uniform in the morning. Gah, going back to school is never an easy thing and I along with every other teenager out there feel for you and all of us. So good luck!


  2. What has happened to high school since I went there about 66 years ago. I think I thought it was fun (along with the work). Keep looking for “the good in the world” – your world right now – high school.


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