The “I Passed My Permit Test” Dance

uh huh! uh huh! it's my birthday! we're gonna party!

… this is how it’s done. (Thanks Miley)

The big day commenced as such: Madre picked me up in the getaway minivan two seconds after school got out Friday. We pulled into the DMV twenty minutes early to our appointment and waited in line with the following in hand:

• Birth Certificate

• SS Card

• Pink Slip from Driver’s Ed course that I took at school (many people take it online though)

• Drivers license application that we requested over-the-phone

• Madre’s ID

In preparation for the test, I downloaded the app for my iPhone and did as many practice tests as possible in the car. This could be considered cheating because half of the answers would whiz by the window.

Nowadays, you take your first driver’s license picture when you take your first permit test. Some tips I found on this here web:

dmv driver's ed picture tips california


Took the test, made a friend while waiting for it to be scored, heard my name, and found out I missed eight. That’s the most you can miss to pass. But it’s passing. I wouldn’t have to come back again for six months (when I take the behind-the-wheel).


Now time to get behind the wheel lessons,

and then tell my insurance that we have a teen driver in the house…

scared terrified baby meme picture

Scary stuff man.



(I’ll show you dear reader the test itself when I find it…)

Until then… Merry Christmas!


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