Waterslides and Ends

You’re standing at the top of a water slide looking into its dark open mouth. There is water rushing about your ankles, urging you to go on and sit, but you’re hesitating. You’re look at the rust coating the sides and bottom of the slide, and the wooden beams, which are supposed to support the slide, but are crooked and cracked in many places. There is no one behind you in line and the lifeguard is off duty. Do you go or do you not go? Your whim tells you to go, so you sit, letting the water carry you. You’re rushed into pitch-blackness, swerving left and right, sometimes so sharply it hurts. Then there are loops and drops that you scream through, wondering despairingly when it will all end. Something hits you in the head and you think you hear bats screeching. Something else makes the tunnel shudder and you are thrown from side-to-side with it. This goes on for what feels like hours and just when you think this is surely the tunnel to hell you see a light. It is far away and you start swatting at the water trying to move faster towards the end of this awful ride. Suddenly, the ebony air recedes and you are thrust headfirst into a churning mass of water and you sink to the bottom of a pool. You open your eyes, breath held, and you see that you are surrounded in light. You push up off the floor, break through the water, and gasp. You have landed yourself into a secret part of the water park, and it’s equivalent to paradise.


The big question. Do the Ends justify the Means?

via Statflickr




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