Eye of the Sparrow

Okay, so. First off, I’m blogging in the front yard. There. Just took a photobooth selfie to prove it but I’m not showing it to you. This is the web and there are an awful of creepy peeps out there if you know what I mean, plus I failed at a sloppy bun today.

So here’s my plan. I have three things to share with you today dear reader which makes me really excited. So excited that my house couldn’t contain all my excitement so that’s why I’m in the front yard. There you have it.

So the choice I had to make was put all three things together in one haphazard post or give each one it’s own light to shine in and congest my followers inboxes with not just one, but three posts filled with my insanely deep thoughts. Let’s vote

MuA-HA-hahahahaha! Too bad I’m doing three.

First off is this hilarious Youtube video from the recent Presidential Elections. The entire thing is basically my standpoint on the whole thing.


Alright here’s a tree in my front yard. Not exactly me but almost as great. Snapped with my iPhone 4s


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