Being hip… and adding the -ster

A Hipster is thus: click here

Now you know what a hipster is. And now you know why I’m trying to fight that label with bared teeth. However, I’ve recently stopped and looked in the mirror. I am showing symptoms, my temperature’s cooling and I really want to listen to Bob Marley while craving macaroons. Here are some other ways you know you’re a hipster,


You are addicted to this app. Urban dictionary hates it, but you love it. The ultimate social network for all your lovely pictures, and you can’t stop following those fabulous people who seem to always be traveling the world or eating some beautiful culinary creation. You post pictures of your dog, and your bracelets, and an awesome picture of a sunset.

Giant stuffed animals @ Costco: $12.99


DIY crafty phatsy blogs you keep perusing. SydneyJoTo’s favorite? A Beautiful Mess, which happens to be extremely hipster. But it’s beautiful and messy and everything eclectic and colorful Sydney likes.

I actually did this one. No joke.


Eh, just go to San Francisco. If it’s easy for you to make friends out of strangers on Valencia Street…

Thumbs up.

I’m very brain dead and ready to go see Wreck-It Ralph with the family. And they’re really important. So bye guys. Until Turkey-day probably.

Happy Vetrans Day! Hug a warrior!



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