It being 10:30 the eve before the 4th, I decided to look elsewhere for my holiday-themed post instead of going through all the trouble of writing one myself. Folks I believe I’ve found it. Reblogged from Nonstepmom here’s a Patriotic Muse… with a little history!

Memoirs of an Evil Stepmom

Fourth of July is THE holiday. The weather is perfect and watermelon and sweet corn abound at every farmer’s market. No pressure finding over-priced gifts no one really wants or fear of insulting someone by naively expressing an incorrect sentiment such as “Merry Christmas”.

 This is a politically correct, national, unique American holiday. A much needed annual shot of National Pride as we tend to find ourselves in the quagmire of politics all too often – even more so being an election year.  The rest of the world, whether they love us or hate us, cannot ignore us. We mean well…..we love our blue jeans, fast food and democracy. Being the epitome of “Revolutionary”, we are a people always more than eager to lend a hand (or the entire Marine Corps) whenever and wherever we hear another Rebel Yell.

Somehow it is in our collective consciousness – the enormous risk it took to build this country and to maintain her today. It could be said we’re…

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  1. thanks, Syd. Be sure to read and ponder the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as part of your July 4th celebration. And give thanks to God.


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