Good Luck Charlie Family The Incredibles Incredible Family

An Incredible Family

The Incredibles was our first DVD. (10-year anniversary is coming up btw!) It’s been showing on ABC Family all day and we had to sit down with our baby brother, Monkey #3, as he was so deprived of this classic. The movie came out a year before we even knew M.B.3, and being normal children, we would watch it around the clock memorizing every line in every scene.

Back then, we were convinced our family could be the Incredibles. A strong dad, a hip mom, a big sis, little bro and littler bro (when M.B.2 was still in diapers). We were to be the Incredibles for Halloween, the whole matching leotards and everything. Then we found out mom was having another one. Mom couldn’t have been slender Elasta-Girl with that big belly unless you count those elastic prego-pants. Plus we realized we had other variations; mom and dad would have to switch hair colors, and I was too young to be a depressed teenager. M.B.1 though was determined to be Dash, “zooming” around the front yard with his little eyes fixed to the ground, fists pumping, short legs prancing. Pretty cute.

“Sydney, he looks like Charlie’s dad”, M.B.3 said pointing at Mr. Incredible. Huh…

Mr Incredible Bob Duncan Good Luck Charlie
The Mr. Incredible(s)

Funny right? Balding in the same places too! Aw but we love ’em. “Them” being Bob Duncan from “Good Luck Charlie” and the oh so incredible Mr. Incredible. INCREDIBLE! Hey and take a look at their families…

Good Luck Charlie Family The Incredibles Incredible Family
The Incredible Families

Interesting… (strokes chin)

Sorry P.J. but you always were the odd child.

Happy sunday night guys! It’s a good night to read a blog, watch Jack-Jack attack, and worry about going to volleyball camp for a week and missing my own Incredible Family!

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