Summertime Sludge

Boy am I knee-deep in it today. It’s a mental sludge, the kind that causes laziness and boredom. How again did I so look forward to these days when school was in? I almost miss the schedule. Dare I say it, I miss homework. It was something to do! Well I reactivated my Facebook today, and my Twitter… out of complete desperation.

Twitter SUCKS.

So you know what? Let’s not talk about little bluebirds, how about chickadees? As in Kids? Gosh I love kids. Yesterday I met a mom and future client along with her two cuties. We chatted and played peek-a-boo for an hour. They’re refreshing after being surrounded by chatty adults with all their philosophical worldliness. Kids are simple. Yes, no, up, down, happy, sad. Then on a roll, I walked down the street and helped a new neighbor and mom down the street with her baby girl. I told her my life story and she told me snippets of hers and it was a lovely afternoon. It was also a wake-up-call. Kids are the happiest people on earth. Everything’s simple and lovely but also full of adventure. Be a kid today guys :)


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