Guest Post from MonkeyBrother #1: Middle School Advice?

Hello everybody, it’s brother #1.  I’m the awesome one in the family.

Now you all know my sister from somewhere, I don’t know, maybe because this is her blog.  I would also like to shout out a big “HI” to my grandpa, who is probably wondering what the heck is going on.

A few days ago I was in sixth grade until the summer came, and now I’m officialy a seventh grader.  My big sis thinks that I’m going to die in there, but between you (as in everybody reading this) and me, I know I’ll turn out okay in one piece. Now if you have any advice you want to share with me about middle school/jr. high, I would be happy to hear it. Leaf a comment down below.

[Edit: SJT repeated this question on Yahoo Answers and got some pretty sweet advice there too! Thanks again guys for all the tips and wisdom!]


8 thoughts on “Guest Post from MonkeyBrother #1: Middle School Advice?”

  1. First, learn how to spell “leave”.
    Second, if you know it’s wrong, don’t do it.
    Three, pick the biggest 8th grader you can find and punch him in the nose the first day. They will all leave you alone for the rest of the year.
    Last, they say Middle School is the roughest schooling you will have. Prove “them” wrong, and have a great time. Your a great kid, that shouldn’t be hard for you to do.



  2. -Be true to yourself. Don’t change to please people (unless changing is for the better :)
    -Be kind to everyone
    -SMILE (It really is the best way to make friends )
    -Learn the names of as many people as you can. A wise man once said that one’s name is the most beautiful sound in the world. When you call someone by their name you become memorable and it is a good way to start a friendship.
    -Be honest.
    -Try hard.
    -Have FUN!


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