(Warning: Spastic post)

Chizzing Camera’s in the chizzing shop where I can’t CHIZZING USE IT. That’s upsetting when your in Petaluma making (title) memories. Fine focus was knocked a little off-focus and we had to pay a visit to the doc the day before we left. Dumb bummer. Guess I’ll just have to describe stuff in this post.

Ever seen  the middle tv show ? (Pssst! Click on “the Middle”). In love. The monkeys and I are hooked on it on Hulu since we can’t find it on Dish. Useless Dish.

Back to (title). Two words. Baby Deer. They were following mamma in the backyard chilling under the bird feeders and of course my Canon was hours away probably dissected into several pieces under a tiny screwdriver. FRUSTRATION! They were adorable wobbly little things with spots and big baby eyes. One had a swollen ankle and was limping. Hope he’ll be okay…

[Imaginary Picture of baby deer Here]

I yearned for my Canon again today, Father’s Day. Dad and monkey #2 were throwing the football over the sprinklers while almost 6-year-old Monkey #3 ran out in swim trunks and goggles to meet them, his fifteen cowlicks waving in the breeze. I come in to write, and goggle-boy follows. He proceeds to open the fridge, puts his back into pulling out the powder-based Lemonade, spills, pours himself a cup, and drinks through three straws contentedly.

[Three straws Kodak moment here]

Well, in summary I’m home again. Where the (title) moments are a little harder to come by, or at least see. No that’s it, see. Because when I had my camera it was a lot easier to pick out the (title) mo9ments, and I shouldn’t need a Canon to see what’s in front of me. Okay… Okay! Yeah, I got this! You got this! Especially on this dia de los Padres.

Appreciate your fathers! Because they are truly…

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