Thrice a Graduation

So two weeks ago I went to my first High School Graduation and lived to blog about it. Yesterday were three graduations, all conferring recognition of three different stages of development. Kindergarden, Sixth grade, and High School. The principal at the sixth grade graduation said something neat,

Graduation Day is but a theory. Everyday we graduate, moving up to a more advanced level in intelligence, experience, and maturity.

So what’s the point of Graduation Day? My dad and I got into a discussion about this, how Americans have a knack for stopping to reflect on the past. Graduations aren’t just for recognition, but for reflection on memories and accomplishments. It was awesome to get to go to three, recognizing the accomplishments of a small child, to a pre-teen, to a newly-adult.

Why hello there Large Crowd of people!

These Robed Dudes and Babes on my left and right…

The secret is, I haven’t grown up yet. I still can’t reach the cookies in the pantry.

And the sun sets on all things school-related. I’ve graduated to a sophomore and you’ve graduated a little bit from reading this. Have a glorious summer everyone. :)

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