High School’s a Fourth Over!

And the final bell rang… FLASH MOB!

Wow. I’m blogging at 11:30 PM! Yup, pretty sure it’s summer! Well school went out with no shebang, simply finals and teachers wishing off “happy summer”s. First year of finals, over. I dust off my hands, throw my backpack to the side and and run through the sprinklers. Funny how once summer starts, the average teen becomes nicer. I actually tickled my brother today. The stress of getting an education is over for a few months and ah, that’s where the good nature comes from. Bucket list for the coming weeks of sweet sweet freedom?

-Take bike on lightrail

-Fix fine focus on camera and figure out how to make this a partial photo-blog

-Have good social fun at least a hundred-thousand times (sleepovers, dances, screwing around good-kid style)

-Make 7 new blogging buddies

-Get J-Lo buff with Crossfit Sawmill, boom baby.

-Paint something mondo and splattery

-Hardcore babysitter (Like ten bucks an hour h.c.!)

-Be volleyball sensei to little brothers: teach the ways of the spike.

-Chalk mural on my old elementary school blacktop (Yes, blog about it)

-Take a train to Utah

-Watch all Ponyo & Rocky movies in two days

-Sketch Rocky Balboa Portrait

-Perfect Scone recipe

-Be a SOPHtdrink sophmore, paint a binder with 7UP design

-Get driftwood and shell shards from the beach… make something santa-cruzian

-See Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers when they come to town!

-Get rallied up for the NEXT THREE YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL!

That’s right, hit us with your best shot summer 2012!

What’s on your bucket list?

Killer, and killer haircut there Nicki!


3 thoughts on “High School’s a Fourth Over!”

  1. Whew! Your list makes me tired just looking at it, but I’m 79 compared to your 15. I especially like the Utah trip item.


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