The Journal Challenge.

This challenge, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of your memories that need to be recorded for the humor of your descendants. It’s not too late, and you’ll be surprised at what you remember. Should you choose to record your answers in written form, your great-gradnchildren will be very happy with you.   

Memories include:

•What was the nicest dream you ever had?

• Worst nightmare?

• Worst chore you ever had to do?

• If you could go anywhere in the world, why? and what would you do?

• If you could meet someone famous, who & why?

• If you could take a famous picture, what would it be of?

• When was a time you wish you owned an Invisibility Cloak?

• Invent a life changing machine? (Ignoring laws of nature)

• Favorite season, why?

• Least favorite season? Why?

• You go to a fortune teller, what does she tell you?

• You’re dream birthday is today. What do you do?

• You are walking along the street and a crowd of people are looking up at the sky. What are they looking at?

• Where in the world would you like to go to see the perfect rainbow?

• Who would you give a trophy to?

• Write a letter to the person(s) you admire most in the world.

• Has a birthday wish ever come true?

• First house dreams?

• “The happiest person is the person who thinks the most thoughts” -agree?

• Something different you noticed about something you see daily

• When I was little, I absolutely loved/ hated…

• “What we feel matters much more than what we know”- agree?

Add, subtract, evolve the list as you like because it’s your challenge. (A post-per isn’t a bad idea). Good luck Agent!

“Ideas for Journal Writing” by my Young Women’s President

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